Bragging About My Mom-In-Law

Whenever I get a chance to brag about Eric’s mom, I will do it! Since she is not a basketmaker, many people don’t know about Eric’s mom who happens to be a watercolor artist.

In yesterday’s mail, she sent us a newspaper clipping featuring her as one of April’s popular artists!


She belongs to the Lakes Region Art Association in Meredith, New Hampshire where a jury selects membered artists to be featured around the town.

Congratulation MomJo!


Indiana Basketry Workshop Pics

I’m a little late but here’s some pics from Mr. Basketmaker’s classes. FYI, a few photos are blurry because I forgot my camera and had to settle for my iphone.

Overall, it was a great workshop for Eric: 14 students on the first day, 14 students on the second day and he finished off with an additional 12 students. So when I say he was wiped out Saturday evening, he was really wiped out!



I do have to say that Eric has the best students! Doesn’t matter what convention or the state we are visiting… his students are the most pleasant and interesting people! It’s always a pleasure to help Eric out and chat with new friends!

Five Questions Friday: Freaky Sauce

My first question is a little long because there is a backstory.

My parents are snowbirds and stopped in to stay with us for a few days on their way back to New Hampshire from Florida. So Mr. Basketmaker decided to make chicken wings tonight. And he said to himself that he’s tired of making the same ‘ole chicken wing recipe and looked up a Thai chicken wing recipe online but it required a certain ingredient that we did not have.

Then he opened up the refrigerator, shortly after they arrived, and there, out in front, is an opened bottle of Thai chili sauce — the only missing ingredient! And my mom then piped in that she didn’t want it to go to waste so she brought it up to see if we would use it. She needed it to make “Bang Bang Shrimp” a couple weeks ago.

Now to my question: Eric, how bizarre was that to open the refrigerator and your main ingredient magically appeared?
Eric: You know that insurance commercial with the little baby that responds to the talking mime with “Freaky!”. It was like that.

Question from Joan (Eric’s mother-in-law): Can you come and create some built-ins like the ones you just did in the guest room for my place in Florida?
Eric: Yeah. If Lynne finds an auction down there selling two cabinets that I can base the built-ins on, then “yes!” She did good by finding some cabinetry that fit perfectly in our design that saved me lots of time and I was able to build “around it”. 

Question from Bob (Eric’s father-in-law): Eric, did you notice that your dog Jackson sort of looks like you?
Eric: What? I don’t think he looks like me, but he does look like he’s my dog. Not like Lynne’s Chancey-Fru-Fru-fluffy dog.

Q: My parents just said they’re thinking about staying with us for the whole week. Is that okay?
Eric: Uhm, I don’t think they could stand us for a whole week!

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: The cold weather sneaking in two days ago and ruining a few of my pepper and tomato plants!

Q: Okay, I have a sixth question… What the heck is “Bang Bang Shrimp”?
Eric: I have no idea… and I don’t think I want to know.