Eric’s Basket Does New York

On my trip to New York City last week, (of course) I brought one of my favorite Eric Taylor baskets with me — the little backpack he made me for my birthday several years ago.

So I grabbed some pics of my sister wearing the basket as we walked through the city streets over to her trade show one morning.




Here’s Eric’s basket making its way though Times Square. We figured out very quickly that this is not the fastest route because there were too many people crowding the sidewalks.


And sprinkled with characters like this guy. Looks like he’s checking out my sis! And I spared you an image of the ‘Naked Cowboy.’ Yes, he really does exist and hangs out on the street in New York City.

I was super glad that the weather was gorgeous all five days we were there but man I was exhausted when I got home. Seems like I slept for three days straight!

2 thoughts on “Eric’s Basket Does New York”

    1. It is a perfect size! It should have a leather cover, but I didn’t want any leather on my basket! But Eric said the straps would not have any material other than leather! So I settled on that. I was going to create a cover but never did. Sort of like it the way it is!

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