A Puzzling Problem

I found a new hobby recently. Puzzles! And I especially enjoy putting them together on the porch outside Mr. Basketmaker’s workshop.

I never thought I would be interested long enough to delve into a puzzle. I’m more of an instant-gratification type of gal.

But I have found that it has therapeutic benefits! After trying to be creative and coming up with several ‘great’ ideas for a client, my brain doesn’t want to think anymore! And puzzles really help in ‘cleansing’ my mind!

But I have a problem. See this pic?


In case you didn’t catch it, here’s a closer look…


Yup, there is one piece missing. I bought it new so I know it most likely sat on this table at one point.

However, I believe I know the culprit. He’s right here…


How do I know? Well, I went inside to get more water and as I opened the door to return to the porch and continue with my puzzle, I saw this inquisitive thief with both of his large white paws up on the table, investigating what I have been doing up there.

At the time, I thought nothing of it because I retrieved a few of the pieces he knocked over on the floor.

But now that it’s finished and that final missing piece is nowhere in site, I know this canine delinquent stuck out that big tongue of his and decided to see what one of those cardboard puzzle pieces tasted like!


Yeah, that big tongue right there.

So, my advice to anyone who enjoys doing puzzles but has curious furry friends? Even if you step away for 30 seconds, put a heavy mat on top covering the entire puzzle and all its pieces!

4 thoughts on “A Puzzling Problem”

  1. This winter when hubby had both knees replaced at the same time we did puzzles together for the first time. They are very addictive and fun!

    1. It was only 500 pcs. So not as long as the other ones we did. But I never looked at the picture with this one! So it was a challenge.

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