Five Questions Friday: Boot Camp

Q: How was the Tennessee Basketry Convention?
Eric: It was good. Again, I like how close it was! And that you were able to stay home and we didn’t have to put the dogs in the kennel. It seemed to go by too fast though!

Q: Any funny stories from your class?
Eric: Yes. The Billy Owens story about his jeans being raffled off!
Okay, you don’t need to continue. I’ll get the rest of the story out of you and post it later. Any opportunity I get to poke fun at Billy Owens, I’ll take it!

Q: Now tell us all the truth. Jackson has been mentioned many times in your “What aggravated you this week” question — now honestly, how much did you miss Jackson while you were away?
Eric: I missed him until I got home. Now, I don’t miss him. He’s been driving me crazy since I arrived! Climbing on me… wanting to go out, wanting to come in, then wanting to go out again then climbing up on me…
Oh my gosh, that is so not nice and sounding a little ungrateful! lol

Q: I’m so glad you are back home. Do you know how hard it was to not have anybody wait on me?
Eric: No. I have no idea how hard that would be. 

QWhat aggravated you this week?
Eric: Finding out that the upcoming boot camp I have created for our nephew, Ben, may be including your father as well! He’s way more high maintenance than Ben could ever be!
Uhm… are you publicly dissin’ my dad who is also your father-in-law?
Eric: Ah, yup!

Tennessee Basketry Workshop

First, I want to say I already miss Eric!

Second, he’s over in Knoxville teaching two new baskets at the Tennessee Basketry Association Convention.  I stayed back home to keep an eye on the homestead and watch the two dogs. Which really means I’m lounging around, relaxing, eating whatever I want and playing with the dogs.

At the workshop, he is teaching two new baskets he designed at the beginning of the year. The same baskets I was not allowed to mention or talk about until they were officially accepted at workshops. So since he’s gone and teaching them, I think I’m safe!

The picture below is Eric’s new Salt & Pepper Basket. Looks like one of his “mini’s” but it is not.


I have to publicly proclaim, that Eric took this picture last-minute out on our porch. I think it’s a great shot!

Two days ago, I was working on his instruction/pattern sheets for the TBA workshop and he couldn’t find the picture for his new Salt & Pepper basket. So he had to run outside (since the best photos are under natural light) and quickly snap a pic for me.

The reason why I’m mentioning it is because I’m always complaining to him that he never takes good pictures! But this one is pretty darn good! So I need to proclaim my satisfaction. And then use it as ammunition in the future when he says I’m always ‘dogging’ him. Now I have ‘public proof’ of me praising him! te hee…. I know, I always have a shameless motive…

Below, is his new “Twisted Bureau Basket.”


Twisted Bureau?? Okay, I need to announce that I am not involved in naming any of Mr. Basketmaker’s woven creations!!

In closing, I’m looking forward to him coming home with both of these basket samples so I can find a new purpose for them… like holding the car keys, or all my lip balm that I cannot live without, or a place to stash all the loose coins that appear on our “kitchen bar.”

Yes, we really do USE all of Eric’s baskets. They are not on display at our home. Well, maybe a couple of them. But majority serve a purpose like holding all the dog toys, or organizing all my socks because I ran out of dresser storage or organizing all his belts.

Bottom line, I love Eric’s baskets and I really miss the maker when he’s away at his workshops… Especially his dog Jackson… he’s been moping everyday at the end of the driveway waiting for him to return.

Five Questions Friday: First Aid

Q: What do you think of the Anniversary gift we received from my parents?
Eric: Initially, I thought they were sending us a subliminal message of some kind… A container filled with all kinds of first aid stuff?

Q: Yes. That was unusual! But you know why they sent that right?
Eric: Yes. They got it for our camper! Due to you hurting your hand and getting an infection because we rinsed your cut with camp water. Now we have a large bottle of antiseptic wash. So we will be prepared next time. It was actually a great gift. An unusual one for an Anniversary, but I liked it.

Q: I heard two team owners from our Brady Gaga League called because they were upset with a poll you put online?
Eric: Oh please. It was your father being his typical self trying to drum up some imaginary trouble while Joe was over visiting him. It was all nonsense.

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: I don’t have one immediately at the top of my head. But I know there has to be something. Let me think.

Q: You’ve been thinking for 10 minutes now. Can you really not think of anything?
Eric: Got it. I thought of one. The frogs! It’s like they are sitting in front of the door, at night, waiting for me to open it and as soon as I open the door, they hop inside! I’ve tried to lightly nudge them away with my foot. However, all they do is roll over on their back and just lay there. I figured they would get the message eventually and not come around. But it’s not working.