Five Questions Friday: 12 for 12 on Breaking Handles

Q: So how pumped are you tonight — watching the Patriots during preseason?
Eric: Not very. Because preseason stinks. There’s just nothing else on. I’m more pumped for our Brady Gaga Draft this Sunday.

Q: Are you excited for my Dad and nephew Ben to arrive tomorrow?
Eric: Uh, Yes! I think it’s going to be fun. 

Q: Do you think you bought enough stuff for Ben’s Bootcamp?
Eric: Oh my gosh. I’m sure I could get more. But that kid is going to think it’s Christmas in August.

Q: What did we name his weeklong bootcamp again?
Eric: Mr. Basketmaker’s Redneck Boot Camp!
Oh yeah. I have to make a logo for that. I’ll do it now.

QWhat aggravated you this week?

Note: the broken handles are laying next to a Rim Mold. He had good luck with those!

Eric: Breaking my entire batch of handles for the carrier basket. I went 12 for 12 on breakage! Not one bent properly. Sometimes you get a bad piece of wood. But you don’t really know until you split it, process it, cut it, sand it, size it and then bend it! All that time lost really aggravates me!
That’s a good aggravation. Sorry that happened though. How about a bowl of ice cream to cheer you up?? Oh yeah, we don’t have any ice cream left…

But looks like your dog Jackson was happy for the bad wood!


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