Mr. Basketmaker’s Redneck Bootcamp: Quiver Basket

Okay, for all you basket fans out there, today’s post will be all about baskets. Well, at least all the images.

The first day of the quiver basket involved Eric giving Ben instruction on how to sand materials that will eventually be used for any basket.


A little side story about the above image. When we heard that Ben wanted to find some camo clothes when he came down here, Eric went online and bought his only piece of “camo” attire he now currently owns — this Patriots hat (his favorite football team) on camo fabric. I think it’s sweet that he also wanted to “embrace the camo!”


So after his brief lesson, Ben donned a dust mask and began processing his own materials for a one-of-a-kind Eric Taylor quiver basket! Of course, he had to be head-to-toe in camo gear to be in the workshop! I should add that the reason why Eric created the quiver basket was because all Ben wanted for Christmas was a bow and arrow set from his Mom, which he got. But where can he practice target shooting in Chicago??? So on the top of the priority list when he came to visit us was to work on his archery skills.


Mr. Basketmaker definitely employed “redneck ingenuity” by using a PVC pipe as the mold for this quiver basket. I don’t think it went unnoticed by Ben because several times he said the phrase “it’s redneck ingenuity!”



I love how focused he is on this basket. And Eric said he was a very good weaver for a complete beginner! Do I see an aspiring basketmaker???

It took three days to complete this basket. Well, not a full three days. Ben had lots of other projects going on in between.

For the day when he completed his basket, I took all his camo clothes and quickly shoved them in the washing machine. They were nasty, especially since the night before he went up to his neck in the frog pond, wearing these same clothes!

So, he had to put on his “normal” clothes and walked up to me and said “Auntie Kiki, I’m working in the shop today and I need to have something with camo on it. Can I wear the new vest you bought me?” Now, how could I say “no”.


So here he is in his hunting vest (I should add that he has never hunted before! But when we were in the store yesterday, he asked if I could get his for him.) Maybe all this camo is doing something good because I have never seen him so focused!


And there’s his pal Jackson, hanging out in the workshop as usual, right at Ben’s feet.

Eric got a kick out of the fact that he would much rather watch this “free-at-the-curb” tv all day in the workshop than the nice flat HD tv we have in the house! But I think it had more to do with hanging out with Mr. Basketmaker in his workshop.

And this next photo has to be one of my favorites…


Why? Well aside from how well he seems to be getting a hang of this weaving-thing, I noticed that on the wall behind him, he hung up his leather hat that he bought specially for his trip down here. I absolutely love that he was “hanging his hat” in Mr. Basketmaker’s workshop.


There getting close to being done!


Really really close! But before completely finishing it, Ben wanted to get his camo shirt and pants out of the dryer so he could put them on before Eric strapped on the quiver basket.


And finally done! I love how he has his arrow in hand and petting the dog! And what a gorgeous Quiver Basket!!!

So I hope all the basketry fans enjoyed this post today. There may be some typos and sentences that don’t make sense… but it’s well after midnight and I’m exhausted!! I’m finding hard to keep my eyes open! LOL!


18 thoughts on “Mr. Basketmaker’s Redneck Bootcamp: Quiver Basket”

  1. Lynn and Eric, Ben really did some amazing things under your direction. He is so deliberate and precise and patient. I’ve observed him here at home and I know how
    HE must have been in heaven doing all those things there with you all. Way to go Ben!!! You take after your aunt and uncle, and of course your talented mom! Am proud of you!!!!!

    1. Thanks Diana! So good to hear from you! Yes, Ben was so patient and focused here. I’m not sure it was all under our direction! We actually learned a few things from him! Like a Ghillie suit! We had no idea what that was. So we ended up making one of those for him. I will make sure he gets your message! He was enjoying looking at all the pictures of him that I posted and listening to me read back all the comments he was getting.

    1. Thanks Anette! Yes, I was happy to see Ben weaving. He has shown interest in the past but I think he didn’t want anyone else seeing him! LOL. He may think only girls weave. Eric is a teacher so that’s okay. And this time he was in Eric’s workshop.

  2. I love your posts this week. The adventures of Eric and Ben are so sweet. I hope this will be a summer adventure Ben will never forget. The Quiver is gorgeous. I imagine Eric made the leather straps for it. Bens concentration of the weaving process was great! I’m sure he will challenge Eric to come up with something new every year! This is better than sports camp! Kudos to you and Eric. How great you came up with projects for Ben to do. I love it! Oh and poor Jackson. He will miss Ben !

    1. OH thanks Miss Joanne!! Ben and Jackson will definitely miss each other!! They slept together in the camper last night! But I’m thinking Eric will miss him the most. He said to me the other night that he was having so much fun. Exhausted, but lots of fun!

  3. Lynne, just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying your blog with your nephew. If I had a child Ben’s age I would send you a request for him to stay with you and Eric for a week. It is so good for him and all the planning put into his visit before he arrived. And I see a class coming up for a quiver. :=) Tell Ben he did a great job on weaving and hope more is in his future. I would like to be in the classroom when he goes back to school and the teacher asks “Ben what did you do this summer?” He will have quite a story, thanks to you and Eric. Also, tell Ben he can come and cook for me anytime – the kitchen is not my favorite room!!LOL Thanks to you both for making this a wonderful
    experience for him. Hope to see you both before too long. Hello to Eric.
    Fondly, Gwen Clark

    1. Gosh, thanks so much Gwen! I didn’t realize how popular Mr. Basketmaker’s Redneck Bootcamp would be! I thought y’all would be bored! LOL!

  4. I’m loving Redneck Bootcamp and can’t wait to check every morning to see what’s been happening! The quiver basket is awesome. Great job guys!

    1. Why thank you Miss Tracey! I will be a few days behind now since the quiver basket was the last “sole post” and today it’s Five Questions Friday! So there will be a few more days left of posts!

  5. I have so enjoyed your posts this week. It has been wonderful to see the relationships between boy and dog, and adult and child. But, most importantly, I have been so impressed that you didn’t park your nephew in front of a tv and rent a bunch of movies. You encouraged his creativity and you helped him connect with the outdoors. You guys rock!! (very nice quiver basket, too!!)

    1. Awe, thanks so much Nancy! But it never dawned on us to do that – rent him a bunch of movies that is. We wanted to join in on all the fun too! And he taught us a bunch of stuff as well… who knew there were so many specific patterns of camo!

  6. About 10 years ago, I worked at Cabela’s part-time. At that time they sold 18 different kinds of camo. When the senior Mr. Cabela came visited the store, he always wore a suit made from some kind of camo. It was cool!

      1. I’m assuming he flew in since they are headquartered in Nebraska. However, they did sell special edition Cabela Ford pickups with lots of camouflage and outdoor type accessories. They were well merchandised on an elevated display in the store and looked impressive with all the things you could buy to put in it (camping and hunting supplies) in that area of the store.

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