Mr. Basketmaker’s Bootcamp: Frog Pond Love

Ben started his day gathering long grass for his Ghillie suit (more on that later), with Jackson close behind.

But soon, a storm quickly rolled in. And it was the four of us waiting out the storm in Mr. Basketmaker’s workshop. We do not have a basement, nor a storm shelter (yet) so with the old farmhouse having one-foot thick walls, that is our go-to place when bad weather rolls in. So Ben got to see a dark and windy Tennessee storm up close.


Then he brought me over to the other side of the workshop, where Uncle Eric’s refrigerator is, to show me all his Sprite bottles stored on a shelf for when he gets thirsty. The funny thing is, Ben doesn’t really drink soda! He’s a water drinker. But when my Dad went to the store, he asked for some bottles of Sprite.

We soon figured out that he most likely wanted to put “refreshments” in Eric’s refrigerator so he could be, well, more like Eric I guess! Working in the shop, then taking a break and going in the other room for a cold beverage! Guess he’s really liking the workshop lifestyle!


So after the storm was done, my dad and I went back into the main house where he could do some research on his new fantasy football team and I could finish my freelance work. Ben and Eric stayed in the workshop for the rest of the day. He worked on finishing his Quiver basket (which I posted earlier) and burning his one-of-a-kind design in my walking stick.

After a full day in the workshop and a huge dinner, Mr. Basketmaker and Ben headed to the pond, redneck style of course — Eric on the lawn tractor, Ben in the trailer and a farm dog running alongside of them!


But first they needed to do some clearing, so Eric taught Ben how to use a weed wacker. (I should add that the next day he asked me if he could use the weed wacker again. I pointed him to a good location with lots of weeds!)

But the poor thing kept getting aggravated because his safety goggles kept falling out of place and down over his mouth. And Eric wouldn’t let him continue without them firmly in place.redneck-bootcamp-5-weed-wacker
After a wide path to the pond was cleared and a direct route to the pond’s edge opened up, the plan was to use a net and catch some frogs. I guess Ben didn’t get the memo because he decided to ditch the net and just hop in.

Here he is with a stick in hand — planning on nabbing either a frog or a fish like the “mountain men” do on many of his favorite outdoor shows.

He wasn’t successful. Which I’m glad for. Because both of them had the intention of making some fried frog legs with their catch! I was not looking forward to that happening in my kitchen!


Now if my sister is reading this, I did not approve of him going in this nasty frog pond! Mr. Basketmaker was fully in charge. I wasn’t allowed to make any comments… just take photos. But here, I asked him to please show me that he still had my favorite rubber boots on his feet and they weren’t at the bottom, stuck in mud! So he’s kicking up his legs to reassure me that the boots are still on!

I soon left both of them on their own and they were there well after it got dark. Occasionally, I would look out and see the large flashlight shining on Ben. I have no idea what they were doing or what they possible could be talking about. But I didn’t want to know and still don’t.

All I know is that boys (young or old) are easily amused. If you asked Ben, he would probably say that that frog pond was the best part of his entire trip!

Now I get to wash his camo clothes… again!!

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  1. What a FANTASTIC trip for a boy who lives in the city. I grew up in Chicago, so I can appreciate what an adventure this would be. He will remember this vacation forever.

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