Five Questions Friday: Purse Lips

Q: I think I should change this blog’s name from “The Basketmaker’s Wife” to “Eric Answers Five Questions.” I’ve got like one or two posts in between “Fridays” for like two months. What is wrong with me?
Eric: What’s wrong with you? I’m supposed to answer that? I’m not answering. I think I should get a “free pass” at least once a year. So I’m using it. Next question.

Q: Why do you have the words “Purse Lips” written on your work table?
Eric: It doesn’t say lips. It’s Lids. Purse Lids.
Sure looks like “Purse Lips” to me!

Q: Why is your table so dirty and why don’t you clean it?
Eric: Ahhh, it’s beyond cleaning. I’ve even taken razor blades and scraped it awhile back. I now call it a “working patina.” Plus, it’s a workshop! It’s supposed to look that way.

Q: About how many hours this week (since last Friday) you think you worked on making your materials and doing other basketry stuff VS. the hours spent this week working on your Brady Gaga Fantasy Football League?
Eric: Well, I worked every day since Friday. So that’s 7 days. Ahhh, I’d estimate 60 hours for basketry, and one hour on the league.
(Is anyone buying that? I’m not. Especially since our draft is next week!)

QWhat aggravated you this week?
Eric: That stupid frog that waits at the door for me to open it and then hops right in and then plays dead.
You already complained about this frog. You think it’s the same one?
Eric: Definitely “YES”

Is This Product Manual For Real???

Mr. Basketmaker and I have been spending a lot of time outside in our redneck bathtub. We’ve had it for about a month now and we don’t know how we lived our lives without it! But today I’m not talking about that. I will talk about our “much-loved tub” hopefully soon and have plenty of pictures in all its redneck glory!

So, a few nights ago, while we were out in the tub we decided that we needed one of those small bluetooth speakers to hook up to my iphone so we can have some music playing.

So let’s get right to the point. We bought a cute little mini rubber bluetooth speaker. It was supposed to be a popular brand but when we opened it up, there is no logo on anything — not on the product or on any of the paperwork. So I’m guessing it’s most likely a knock-off.

So here’s the pic of the speaker. Cute right?


Well, I want to share what I read in the instruction sheet. First, the text on this little single-page manual is approximately 5 point in size! If you are not familiar with font point sizes, 10.5 points is typically what a newspaper prints. So this text is almost half that size! Eric and I needed a magnifying glass to read it!

Now this is what I want to show you. Towards the bottom of this tiny instruction sheet, I read this! (If you cannot read the photo — since it was so tiny to start with and hard to shoot — I retyped the text, word-for-word with all the TYPOS, below!)


WHAT?!?!?! Forget about all the typos…  “As all girls, she is dependent…. she will always stick on you tightly and loyally?” We could not believe what we were reading!

You can bet we are returning this bluetooth speaker tomorrow! How awful!

Actual (retyped) text:

“POSTSCRIPT:  JL BT is a cute girl with recognizable personality. She adores freedom, and loves singing. She is born with singing talents. She sings when sits, when walks, even when in bath. As all girls, she is dependent and would love to be protected. She loves stick on you. She is irresistible with her mellow and delicate texture, also the convenient wireless Bluetooth. What the most extraordinary part is that she has a powerfal secret weapon: Super Suction Cup. No matter where you are, she will always stick on you tightly and loyally.”

(fyi – it was soooo hard to retype all those TYPOS!! I wanted to correct them!)

Five Questions Friday: Basket Worthy

My friend Beth was here for seven days and last Friday, she asked Eric all the questions while we were dining outside at our favorite “budget-friendly” Mexican restaurant. However, I must have had too good of a time since, when we arrived back home, I forgot to post the questions last Friday!

So I saved them for this week — the following questions to Mr. Basketmaker were asked by Beth from Chicago:

Q: When are you going to make or give me one of your baskets?
Eric: Never.

Q: Why not!?!?!?!
Eric: Because you are not basket worthy!

Q: What? You mean I don’t deserve one of your baskets?
Eric: No. Before I give someone a basket as a gift, they need to have made a basket before so they realize the value of one of my baskets. And you already stated several times that you would never make a basket. So, you are not basket worthy!
Okay… I’m on my second margarita and I direct Beth to ask a different question not basket related! LOL

Q: Why do you wear socks with your sandals when you just got out of the shower?
Eric: I don’t like sweaty feet. Let’s leave it at that… 

QWhat aggravated you this week?
Eric: Do I really have to say???
Uhm… “no.” We will leave it at that…