Five Questions Friday Swap

Today, Mr. Basketmaker decided to ask moi, the basketmaker’s wife, Friday’s questions.

QWhat was your most memorable place we visited on Nantucket?
Lynne: Well, my most favorite had to be visiting “Greater Light.” I loved everything about the space that these two Quaker sisters, Hanna and Gertrude (which happens to be my grandmother’s name), created back in the 1930’s  from an old livestock barn. It became their summer home and art studio. And they filled it with their loved-items from around the world, including scrap yards!

One of their scrapyard finds were these two 12-foot grates that lead out to their back yard.
In the sitting room was a large flat-screen on the wall that was all touch screen. So you were able to learn the history about the house, or specific rooms or individual art-pieces throughout the house.
I loved bouncing back and forth between the different rooms to learn the history or thoughts the sisters had in creating the decor in that room.
You could also select individual pieces, like this coat of arms piece in the main gathering room.
I love their eclectic tastes and how much energy this room has. Most probably see clutter, but I see exquisite artistic beauty! The room doesn’t look like this now so I was glad to see that they had a picture of what it looked like when the sisters lived there. I had to snap a quick pic. I want to replicate their entire main room, here in our place!

I can go on and on about this house. I even bought the last book the Museum had for sale about the two sisters. But I will spare everyone! Back to my questions…

Q: What was the first thing you did when we came home from our long trip?
Lynne: That’s easy – I kissed the ground, thanking God that we arrived home safely after being on the road for three weeks.

Q: We just finished our third week of fantasy football. Whose advice do you value more? Mine or your brother’s?
Lynne: Well, since my brother does not own a team in our league and you not only have a team, but you are the Commissioner who may have ulterior motives in his counsel, I would have to say my brother. Sorry.

Q: If I told you Fall has started, would you believe me?
Lynne: Uh, no. 

QWhat aggravated you this week?
Lynne: You mean you want me to publicly tell everyone how you messed up my fantasy football team this week???

The Grass Grows Fast Here in Tennessee

One of the downsides of being away from home for three weeks…. how much the grass grows down here! We literally, between the both of us, have spent the last few days mowing sections of our property. During one of my “turns at mowing” I grabbed the camera because I noticed that the dogs love playing in between the “short grass that just got mowed” and the “long grass that hasn’t been mowed.”


The above photo is one of my “first passes” at mowing this lawn! Next time, we will definitely hire someone to mow our property while we are gone, if we ever go away for three weeks again. I say “if we ever” because when we got home, we both said to each other “we should never leave home as long as we did ever again!” Yes, we are total home-bodies! 100%!


Here’s Chance in the semi-long grass, deciding on where to dig next.


And here’s my favorite pic… Jackson, completely blurred because he was running back and forth… chasing me on the lawnmower, hopping in the long grass, rolling in the cut grass piles, annoying Chance in between his jaunts…. he literally was so happy to be back at home in middle Tennessee! But I got no good photos of him frolicking because he never slowed down!


Coming Back Home Never Felt So Good

Part of living as the basketmaker’s wife is that I travel to a majority of Eric’s workshops. Especially the long trips, which happened to be this last one. We were gone for a long three weeks! And half of it was with the two dogs! Two big dogs! And one that drools a lot and is a little stinky! (Don’t want to mention any names but we all know it isn’t Chance.) I say “half” because we are so grateful for all our family who babysat the dogs at various times!

I haven’t done my “goofy travel map” in a while and heard from a few of you that it was missed. So I’m bringing it back for this trip. Can you follow along? (if you click on the image, it should increase in size)


We left Tennessee and headed for Oak Park, outside of Chicago to visit my sister and our nephews and drop off the two dogs to be babysat.

Headed two and a half hours south to the Land of Lincoln workshop for three days.

Drove back towards Chicago to spend the evening with sis and the nephews. And rescue them from their dog babysitting duties!

Journeyed on towards New Hampshire. Stopped over in Pennsylvania for the night (yes, again, with two big dogs, one of them who drools and is a little stinky).

Arrived in New Hampshire and dropped off Chance at my parent’s house.

Stopped in at my brother’s house to say a quick “hi” to our little nephew.

Got back in the car and headed north to Bristol, to drop off Jackson at his cousin Kaitlin’s and Uni’s house (apparently they like big dogs who drool a little and are a little stinky).

Then off to Hyannis, Massachusetts to catch the ferry to the island of Nantucket for six days for another of Mr. Basketmaker’s three-day workshops.

Then we headed back north to Bruce and MomJo’s house in Meredith New Hampshire (Eric’s parent’s home.)

Eric headed out the next morning to fetch Jackson.

Eric dropped me off at my brother’s house to spend the night with my sis-in-law and our little nephew. Eric went back to his parent’s.

Then he picked me up the following day and we drove to my parent’s house to spend the night.

Left for Tennessee at 6:30 in the morning (planned on leaving at 5:30 am but we just couldn’t bring ourselves to get out of bed!)

It was a very long, long 17.5 hour drive!

Back home at 11:00 pm! Yah! And we didn’t go to bed right away. We stayed up for hours just enjoying being back home and watching the dogs run all around, loving the fact that they were back home, probably more than us!