I’m Lucky to be on Nantucket with my Mr. Basketmaker

This is the view I had right outside our car in the “garage” deck of the ferry that would transport us to Nantucket.

I knew the ferry must be large in order to carry the cars, but I never thought there would be five 18-wheelers on the boat as well!

Here’s our dirty van right next to a lumber transport. Eric doesn’t understand why I took this picture let alone put it on the blog. But I was just so fascinated by all the commercial trucks that were on this two-and-a-half hour ferry ride. This is definitely one of the unique experiences we have had journeying to one of Mr. Basketmaker’s workshops.

And since many of you told me that I don’t post enough pictures of myself, here I am, on the top deck, donning giant sunglasses with the wind blowing my messy hair.

It was such a gorgeous day. Not too cold, not too hot. Perfect for a ferry ride to Nantucket.

Yesterday, I posted pictures of Eric in various “scenes” staged inside the Thomas Macy House, where we are staying. Here it is from the outside.

It’s the quintessential colonial home you would expect on Nantucket’s Main Street. How lucky am I to be the basketmaker’s wife right now? Pretty lucky…

And just a few minutes walk is the 1800 House, owned by the Nantucket Historical Society where Eric is holding his workshop.


Here’s a collection of his baskets on an old painted table. I love the aged plaster wall.


Here’s a couple of his students working on the Cottage Carrier basket.

nantucket-basket-workshop-carrier nantucket-basket-workshop-eric-class

Saturday and Sunday Eric has off so we did some exploring.  One of our stops was at the Nantucket Basket Museum to see Eric’s basket on display.


Above is his “Morning Song” basket which I absolutely love. It was so beautiful there in the case, right when you walked in. Again, I’m one lucky girl to walk in on the arm of the artist who created this basket!

13 thoughts on “I’m Lucky to be on Nantucket with my Mr. Basketmaker”

  1. Hi Lynne.
    That looks like a fun trip. Eric’s basket in the museum is beautiful and has a great display. My wife Katherine sent the museum a basket for the current exhibit. Never heard a word back from them. Hope it is on display.

    1. Hi Steve! Eric said the same thing happened to him. He sent the basket and he never heard back. But then he heard from someone at DEL’s who took a photo of the display that it was on exhibit. So I’m sure hers is there as well! There were a few “Katherine’s” listed that I can remember. What basket was it?

  2. I love it there. The museum is such a nice walk from town. The baskets on display are awesome. I saw Jose Reyes display a few years ago.

    Eric’s basket Morning Song is gorgeous. You are lucky to be there!

  3. Hope you had a chance to go to Scionset (sp?), too. Beautiful area. The last time I was there it poured (not rained) for the 4 days we were there. It was still a beautiful place. The basket museum was great! Eric’s basket is stunning!

    1. We plan on heading over there tomorrow, if we have time! There’s so much we want to do! And thanks for the comment… yes, I love that basket of Eric’s!

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