The Grass Grows Fast Here in Tennessee

One of the downsides of being away from home for three weeks…. how much the grass grows down here! We literally, between the both of us, have spent the last few days mowing sections of our property. During one of my “turns at mowing” I grabbed the camera because I noticed that the dogs love playing in between the “short grass that just got mowed” and the “long grass that hasn’t been mowed.”


The above photo is one of my “first passes” at mowing this lawn! Next time, we will definitely hire someone to mow our property while we are gone, if we ever go away for three weeks again. I say “if we ever” because when we got home, we both said to each other “we should never leave home as long as we did ever again!” Yes, we are total home-bodies! 100%!


Here’s Chance in the semi-long grass, deciding on where to dig next.


And here’s my favorite pic… Jackson, completely blurred because he was running back and forth… chasing me on the lawnmower, hopping in the long grass, rolling in the cut grass piles, annoying Chance in between his jaunts…. he literally was so happy to be back at home in middle Tennessee! But I got no good photos of him frolicking because he never slowed down!


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