Lakeside Cottage Workshop Quick Pics

We returned a couple days ago from one of my favorite places to visit – a little town outside of Atlanta – where Eric had a three-day workshop.


It was absolutely gorgeous weather in Milton, Georgia over the weekend. Which was great for me since I was out taking many photographs of all the Cottage Girls’ baskets for their upcoming yearly calendar. Will share pictures after it is published.



It was a full house all three days. Eric certainly had his work cut out for him.


Above, in the solid blue (left), is poor Miss Tracey who was working with an injured left hand! Here she is, plugging away on the wine carrier basket. As someone who broke her finger a few years back and had surgery but still worked the whole time, I feel her pain.


Here’s Eric conversing away with all the ladies. Jud, one of the hosts, made a comment that Eric is becoming a very chatty fellow! I have to agree with him!


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4 Responses to Lakeside Cottage Workshop Quick Pics

  1. Tracey Reidy

    Despite having a torn ligament I was determined that I was not going to miss Eric’s workshop! Nothing will stop a determined basket weaver…

  2. Renee

    That workshop looks like a great time!!! How fun!!

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