He’s the new “Lumbersexual”

Earlier today, I’m working in my studio office (which is basically what used to be the altar for the church that previously inhabited this building we now live in), and Mr. Basketmaker comes flying through the door, with his carpenter pants and plaid shirt covered by sawdust, calling out to me “Hey Lynne! I’m the new fashion trend that’s hot right now.”

“Uh huh,” I say, wondering what’s coming out of his mouth next.

He continues, “Really. I just heard on the news that the trend right now for men is “Lumbersexual” with beards and plaid shirts. Totally opposite of the lame, old trend, which I would never be caught mimicking “Metrosexual.” See, I’m now hip, or as the news said, ‘a young hipster.’ Men now want to dress like me!”

I don’t think I have any words to say about that. Instead, I’ll post a quick pic of my ‘lumbersexual’ basketmaker working in the yard…


Who would’ve thought Eric’s daily attire would be fashionable? Not me.

8 thoughts on “He’s the new “Lumbersexual””

  1. Mainesexual. It’s a sea of plaid and denim out here in the sticks. AND, what about denim overalls with a plaid shirt? Sigh…my guess is that without a belt buckle, it just ain’t sexy.


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