That Turkey Suit Isn’t Your Color


Q: I can’t believe that after all these years (well, rather decades…) I have never drank coffee nor did I have a desire to. Can’t stand the smell even. And then, last week, you have me try one of your caramel cappuccino k-cups and I loved it! Why didn’t I ever try cappuccino before?
Eric: I have no idea why you didn’t drink coffee. It’s not normal.

Q: Even though we missed Thanksgiving yesterday because of the storm, didn’t today, at your mom’s and Bruce’s  feel like the “actual” Thanksgiving?
Eric: Yes, it surprisingly did. Leave it up to my mom to make sure it did!

Q: How did you like driving on Thanksgiving Day and eating chicken wraps?
Eric: Uhm, well it was the first day in my life that I’ve never been home for Thanksgiving. Being on the road during the middle of the day was weird, and stopping at McDonald’s for a quick drink and french fries and seeing so many people there, sitting at the tables, eating themselves, was even more weird. And then going to the rest area travel center and seeing so many people eating at 6:00 pm… with most of the tables full was so strange… didn’t they get enough to eat where they visited?
Well maybe they were doing the same thing we were doing! Trying to get “home” for the holiday! And decided to make the best of the situation!

Q: Aren’t you pumped that it’s now Christmas movies every day until the end of December?
Eric: I think everyone knows I am not pumped or happy about that.

QWhat aggravated you this week?
Eric: Your cousin Kerryn sending us a Jib Jab of me alone, dressed up as a turkey running through the streets!
(oh yeah…. but it brought so much laughter to her, me and her husband Paul! And even though “it’s not your color” I think you look real cute!)

2 thoughts on “That Turkey Suit Isn’t Your Color”

  1. Sorry Eric, this may cost me in the future but
    the Turkey is pretty funny!

    Happy Thanksgiving! Love you both.


    1. His parents got a good laugh over it this morning!! I showed them the entire video. LOL! Thanks Christy and hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!

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