Lakeside Cottage Workshop Quick Pics

We returned a couple days ago from one of my favorite places to visit – a little town outside of Atlanta – where Eric had a three-day workshop.


It was absolutely gorgeous weather in Milton, Georgia over the weekend. Which was great for me since I was out taking many photographs of all the Cottage Girls’ baskets for their upcoming yearly calendar. Will share pictures after it is published.



It was a full house all three days. Eric certainly had his work cut out for him.


Above, in the solid blue (left), is poor Miss Tracey who was working with an injured left hand! Here she is, plugging away on the wine carrier basket. As someone who broke her finger a few years back and had surgery but still worked the whole time, I feel her pain.


Here’s Eric conversing away with all the ladies. Jud, one of the hosts, made a comment that Eric is becoming a very chatty fellow! I have to agree with him!

Five Questions Friday:

Q: Would you mind if I ever posted one of your baby pictures on here?
Eric: No, I guess not. Well, maybe it depends on which one.

Q: Well, how about this one that I got from your mom?
Eric: You chose the one of me pushing my little lawnmower? And in my PJ’s?

Q: Yeah, about that….Why are you in your pajamas mowing the lawn?
Eric: Uhm, actually not much has changed. I’ve mowed the lawn down in Tennessee, but more sophisticated, I now have a ride on lawnmower and I’ve worn my boxers while doing so.
(Oh, yeah. I forgot about that. And I don’t want to be reminded. I know there were probably many ladies driving by on their way to church saying “look at those people who bought this property… he mows the lawn in his underwear!” I really want to forget about when you did that…)

Question from Tripp: What are you most excited about when you think about hosting your Tennessee workshops next summer?
Eric: Sharing my new workshop down here and being able to show the entire process of basket making that my students don’t get to see when I go to them at the various conventions and private workshops, because all the materials are made and done and delivered, right to their workstation. This will be a unique hands-on and behind-the-scenes opportunity that most students don’t get.

Q: What annoyed you this week?
Eric: Waking up this morning, and walking out to the van and seeing one of the brand new tires completely flat!

A Wife’s Confessions

Okay, I need to confess. I enjoy aggravating Mr. Basketmaker at times. Is this wrong? Many probably will say “yes.” But I cannot help myself. I just enjoy it way too much!

So here’s the latest situation. The other day, I’m in the bedroom, on the iPad and Mr. Basketmaker is in the living room watching one of his favorite shows, “The First 48.” It is a reality show following cops as they try and solve a crime.

Now I know he’s watching this show and he just got done making himself a batch of popcorn, which means he’s planted in his “man chair” for a good hour, and probably all nice and comfy. I’m sure a good wife would be pleased that her husband is happy and content. But no, not me. I want to harass him a little.

So with a mischievous grin on my face, I get on our iPad and open the DirecTV app and find another show to remotely switch it to. Ah, yes, “The Notebook.” A mushy romantic movie which happens to be my father’s favorite, I might add. So I select it and click on the button “Watch on TV.” And I wait….

I hear a small “what?” And then he changes it back. So I do it again, switched his show to the mushy romantic one.

Seconds later I hear a loud, whining voice in the other room “Lynne! Change it back to what I was watching! I know you switched the channels on me!”

My reaction? “What are you talking about? I didn’t do anything!”

But I’m quietly laughing, and guiltily I might add. Why do I torture him so? I can’t help it.

But I did get up from my comfy bed and open our barn door that separated us and repeated, “What are you talking about? I didn’t do anything!”

He promptly said “Yeah, right.”

So I told him that out of the goodness of my heart, I would help him out, and immediately grabbed the remote and changed it back to his crime show.

So there’s my confession. Since I shared it publicly, does it mean I’m forgiven?