Imperative and Important Project Being Worked on Today

I’m elated to be sharing this very important project Mr. Basketmaker busied himself with today in the basketry workshop.

Why am I all giddy about this special task? Because I’m so close to owning it for the next year I can taste it.

What is it? Well, the Brady Gaga Fantasy Football trophy!


This evening, when I walked into the workshop, Eric was renovating the existing trophy by adding a larger base which will have new shiny brass plates with the names of all our past winners.

The pic still shows work in progess but I couldn’t wait to brag about my hard-working team, the “Cookie Crumblers” who finally made it to the prestigious Gaga Bowl! And I am the only girl in the league, I might add, that Mr. Basketmaker is the commissioner of. And I’m pumped!

Hopefully, and with a ton of luck, I will post a picture of me with this coveted trophy in my hands (and Mr. Basketmaker, sulking in the background because HE has never made it to the Gaga Bowl before…. tee hee).

4 thoughts on “Imperative and Important Project Being Worked on Today”

  1. Hey Cookie- I made it to the Gaga Bowl last year. Didn’t win it but was in it! Don’t count your chickens quite yet.

    1. Oh yeah!! LOL! Sorry commishy. Your team stinks so bad this year I completely forgot about your last year’s feat (and ultimate loss….)

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