Five Questions Friday: Late Again


Q: Well the first question isn’t really a question but rather a thank you, for helping me get our Christmas cards out today. AND, taking the photo as well for today’s post!
Eric: Well, I would help you do anything. No thanks needed but I’m sure glad they are finally out.

Q: Last year we both said we would get our cards printed the first day of December in 2014. What happened?
Eric: Ahh, we got way way way behind.

Q: With what? I didn’t think we had that many projects going on.
Eric: I don’t think it’s necessarily the time constraints but rather beating last year’s “Betty Sue the Cow” card. We both kinda knew we most likely were not going to top it but we kept trying. I’d say after all the reworking you did to use the photo we decided on got real close, but I regretfully have to repeat… nothing beats our last year’s cow card.

Q: Do you think anybody noticed that I haven’t asked you five questions for two weeks?
Eric: Yes. Yes I do.

QWhat aggravated you this week?
Eric: Painting aggravated me this week. It’s fun for awhile but after a few days, it gets annoying. Now I see why we put off painting this one large wall of ours. Next year we can do the other side.

2 thoughts on “Five Questions Friday: Late Again”

  1. Well, last year’s card was priceless. It is just hard to beat a Christmas card featuring a cow but I loved this year’s card too. How can you not just love the antics of Jax??? Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you both!


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