All Data Will Be Lost!

You know what I did? I was going through my menu on my camera and hit “Format” in error and instead of hitting the menu key to go back to the main screen, I hit “yes” to format!!! And “yes” again when it said “Are you sure? This will erase all data and cannot be undone.” What was I thinking?

Sadly, yes. I erased everything I had stored from the last two weeks. Including a bunch of pics Mr. Basketmaker took. And quite a few for this blog. Ugh!!! I’ve never ‘digitally’ done that before. I hope I never do it again.

This is the screen AFTER it formatted and erased everything!


I’m sort of sad to miss all those pics I took! And missing the ones Eric shot as well…

Reminds me of the time when I was hired by my college newspaper to shoot a local fashion show and my roll of film didn’t ‘catch’ in my old 35mm and I ended up taking pictures of nothing! And the next day, I had to show up to the news office and tell my boss. All I remember is standing outside his door listening to one of the editors yell, “She did what? Who takes pictures without any film? How incompetent!”

I was so humiliated…

But I soon bounced back. A year later, one of my photographer professors asked if he could mail me back my final project since he wanted to get my whole series on film because he was so impressed. I was like “Hell yeah! Take all the time you need.” Then walked out of his office, with a huge grin, feeling pretty damn good! And wishing that my old editor was nearby so I could tell her to “stick it”!

Working for the Basket Biz

I think I’ve whined on here enough about how much I dislike web work, so I won’t go into my usual rant. Fast forward to today, where I could no longer put off the web job that’s been on my to do list for months now.

It’s all the update work I needed to do for Mr. Basketmaker’s website and his private workshop class pages. (Ugh….)

So I finally plopped myself down in our new comfy dark gray reclining chair (yes, the one that “those other people” usually have that we said we would never buy and in fact, did buy a couple months ago) in front of the tv today and just plugged away. I needed to get out of my office because there’s too many distractions there.

I know… I’m the opposite. A home office is supposed to be a place where you can escape to, with no distractions. But you haven’t seen my studio. It might as well have a blinking orange neon sign that says “distractions over here” and one of those big finger graphics pointing straight at my desk. That’s another item on my very long to do list as well… clean up office so it’s no longer a vast distraction.

About a couple hours ago, I finally got his workshop page updated on his website and also the much-needed accommodations page —that I promised his already-booked students I would have done before the end of the year — added to the site page with his private workshops to be held here at his basketry studio in Tennessee.

So for those that were waiting for this info, simply click on the pages below and it will bring you right to the site online.


And his updated workshop schedule…


So I now feel quite accomplished! Until the boss, Mr. Basketmaker (who pays me nothing), came in about ten minutes ago and said “hey, where’s the ‘Area attractions’ page that I wanted you to add.”  (I’m sure he noticed my eyes rolling around 180°.)

After my eyes focused straight ahead at him, I simply got up and filled a nice big glass of wine. Then returned back to my laptop, and continued on with my latest distraction… while I was working on said “Area Attractions” page, I came across a new yoga facility that is actually a studio in a tree house, right here where I live in McMinnville. Why didn’t I know about this place sooner? I need to stop by her place and have a chat… Another item added to my to do list.

Five Questions Friday: Deflateriots

Q: To piggyback off of your questions to me last week, how does it feel to be married to the “2015 Lime Grove Shuffleboard Champion”?
Eric: Uhm… fantastic! It’s about time you won! And I’m happy to see the Talbot Cup back in my house.

Q: And to continue with referencing last week’s questions that you asked me… I’m going to ask you one of the same questions… Did you ever think you would own a dog that you would have sleep in our bed?
Eric: I don’t like this question because it will only make me look bad either way. But initially, I was very happy that when we got married, your dog Chance never even thought about jumping up in the bed. He never tried. And I liked that. And I never thought that I would ever let a dog jump up in the bed I sleep in. Until now. Honestly, how can you say “no” to that face of Jaxson’s? How can you?

Q: Oh, I have no problem with saying “no.” Just like how you had no problem saying “no” to Chance when you wouldn’t even allow him in the front portion of the van! He was always relegated to the extreme back during our long roadtrips… sometimes sweltering back there. Until Jaxson came along. They now have free reign. Oh, no wait… I mean Jaxson has free reign. You let him sit up in the passenger’s seat! What’s up with that?
Eric: There is no way I can come out clean answering this question. But all I’m going to say is that when I return home from doing errands, you always have a smile on your face when you come outside and say “Jaxson looks so cute sitting in the front seat next to you… just like you’re both a little couple.” So I wouldn’t want to take away your happiness.

Q: Oh please. I guess I’ll get off that topic. So do you think Jaxson really hopped into the UPS truck today? I really did not see him run down the driveway at all. He just dissappeared!
Eric: I’m going to say “no.” But I can see how it could happen since he hops in the truck everytime the guy makes a delivery to our house. But he always comes back out. So no, I don’t think he hopped in. He just ran down the driveway and you just didn’t see him. But there is always the possibility….. maybe.

QWhat aggravated you this week?
Eric: This whole Deflate-Gate with the Patriots! I can’t stand that new term, the “Deflateriots!”