Five Questions Friday: to the Mrs.

Eric: Is there no longer a “Five Questions Friday anymore”? It’s been over a month since you asked me anything.
Lynne: Yes, there is. And it hasn’t been a month. I think only 26 days. I was taking a small break. I thought you would be glad since you are always whining about my questions.

Eric: When are we going to take down the Christmas decorations?
Lynne: Seriously!?! I packed up all the ornaments and majority of all the decorations. I’m waiting on you! Remember? You agreed to take off all the lights off the tree. And that’s the only thing left! So when are you going to take the lights off the tree so I can pack the last two boxes?

Eric: Oh yeah… I guess tonight. But I’m the one asking the questions! Pretend Chance is back in his prime… who would win in chasing down the UPS truck… him or Jaxson?
Lynne: Definitely Chance! Not only do I think he was faster, he would last longer. Your dog Jaxson is fast, but he poops out rather quickly.

Eric: How does it feel to be this year’s shuffleboard champion and winning the coveted Talbot Cup?
Lynne: One word: AWESOME!

Eric: Now before we hear what aggravated you this week I have a bonus question that you need to answer since you’ve neglected your blog for way too long. Before you married me, would you have ever envisioned me allowing a dog in our bed?
Lynne: I’m going to use the same word again…. Seriously!?! I should be asking you this question, and I think I will next week! I don’t want dogs in the bed. Chance has never slept in a “human” bed for all his life. You are the one that let Jaxson continue hopping in our bed… so much so that we now have to ask him if we can lay down! So my final answer would be “yes” because you do the opposite of whatever I say. You hear “no dogs in the bed” and then I hear “Come on Jaxson… get up here… time for bed!”

Eric: Okay, what aggravated you this week?
Lynne: I have two things…. one the internet issues but it wasn’t too much of an aggravation since they came right out and fixed it. The other more annoying thing was you telling me I had until 2:30 before Jud and Suzanne arrived and then me not paying attention and deciding to rip apart my office and not only running out of time before putting it back together, but neglecting our messy bedroom and having our visitors see my disasters!

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