All Data Will Be Lost!

You know what I did? I was going through my menu on my camera and hit “Format” in error and instead of hitting the menu key to go back to the main screen, I hit “yes” to format!!! And “yes” again when it said “Are you sure? This will erase all data and cannot be undone.” What was I thinking?

Sadly, yes. I erased everything I had stored from the last two weeks. Including a bunch of pics Mr. Basketmaker took. And quite a few for this blog. Ugh!!! I’ve never ‘digitally’ done that before. I hope I never do it again.

This is the screen AFTER it formatted and erased everything!


I’m sort of sad to miss all those pics I took! And missing the ones Eric shot as well…

Reminds me of the time when I was hired by my college newspaper to shoot a local fashion show and my roll of film didn’t ‘catch’ in my old 35mm and I ended up taking pictures of nothing! And the next day, I had to show up to the news office and tell my boss. All I remember is standing outside his door listening to one of the editors yell, “She did what? Who takes pictures without any film? How incompetent!”

I was so humiliated…

But I soon bounced back. A year later, one of my photographer professors asked if he could mail me back my final project since he wanted to get my whole series on film because he was so impressed. I was like “Hell yeah! Take all the time you need.” Then walked out of his office, with a huge grin, feeling pretty damn good! And wishing that my old editor was nearby so I could tell her to “stick it”!

2 thoughts on “All Data Will Be Lost!”

    1. Yes, I know! That’s what I wrote… I did have a chance to cancel but I, for whatever reason, hit okay! The photo is after the fact. See, the memory card is now empty! over 3gig on there.

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