I’m Going to Steal This Basket

Is this not the sweetest little, full-size Eric Taylor basket ever???

birds-nest-basket-eric-taylor-basketryI say “full-size” because he has lots of mini and small baskets that are miniature representatives of his full-size baskets. And of course, I find most of those adorable, such as his Cottage Smalls Tool Basket.

But this basket is not one of his mini’s or smalls. It is named the Cottage Bird’s Nest Basket and it is so adorable! He will be teaching it in a couple days at the Georgia Basketry Convention in Atlanta, along with his Pencil Twist Basket.

When he comes back, I’m definitely going to swipe this charming creation of his, and put it on my desk. It would be perfect to store my little iPad headphones, or maybe some paper clips, or move it to my drawing table and store my silver push pins… well, maybe I shouldn’t put it there since it may get charcoal or paint on it.

I don’t know, but I will think of something before he comes back with his sample. All I know, is this Bird’s Nest is mine after the GBA!


16 thoughts on “I’m Going to Steal This Basket”

    1. Tracey please hint to him that his sample basket would be a nice valentines gift to me! Oh and tell him to add some little chocolate candy in there too!!

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