Five Questions Friday: Cowboy

Q: How come last Friday you didn’t remind me that it was “Friday”? We totally missed 5 questions!
Eric: What were we doing… Oh yeah! We were traveling to Jud & Suzanne’s for the Super Bowl party! I forgot too.

Q: How awesome is it that the Patriots won and do you think Jud was secretly jealous, since his Falcons stink?
Eric: Yeah, I love that they won. And a big “yes,” Jud is very jealous. And I will enjoy rubbing it in for as long as I can.
(not too hard! Poor Jud….)

Q: I heard from the ladies today that they thought you were turning into a cowboy. What were you wearing?
Eric: Jeans, a white shirt, a black vest, my Durango boots and my leather hat. I don’t think it was country looking. Well, maybe it was. Oh well.

Q: Any funny stories from your class today?
Eric: Yes. I had someone sitting in my class that wasn’t supposed to be there. I didn’t figure it out until a half-hour in when I discovered I was missing a kit so I had to take a roll call and come to find out, one of my students is taking the same basket class, but in North Carolina. She got confused and thought it was the my class in Georgia.

QWhat aggravated you this week?
Eric: Well, it wasn’t exactly my aggravation but Suzanne’s. Her cool hip Cooper didn’t start this morning! So I felt really bad for her and then Jud, since she had to take his car and I’m sure he was really aggravated. So I felt their pain. 

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