The Art-Chain: Day 1

So I was nominated via “The Art-Chain” on Facebook by Cathryn Peters, a.k.a., to post three different pieces of art I have created, and post them.

So here it goes:

Day 1: “5 Parts of Self”

5 parts of self-painting-abstract-expressionist-Taylor

The rules are you can post any three samples of your artwork — present or past. I decided to go with my “5 Parts of Self” series I created eleven years ago in 2004. (I know, it’s five paintings and I was only to do three but I couldn’t break this series up.)

This “Quintet” was actually the second round of the five parts of self paintings. The first round, I sold each separately. And each painting did sell. So I decided to paint them all over again, but sell them as a set, which I ended up selling as well.

I decided to start with these prior paintings because it’s kind of fun to see where you were at in different phases of your creativity. I look at these now and pick them all apart! I know… bad habit. But it’s what I do. I definitely have progressed from this and am thinking of doing this series again, in the style I paint in today.

**The “5 Parts of Self” is based on an old Eastern Philosophy that the principles to the Cosmic Self: “The five principles of ether, air, fire, water, earth” unite and create the elements of all bodily forms. Ether is our spirit, Water has same energy as our heart, Fire is our soul, Earth constitutes our ‘body’ and Air is our mind.

About the nomination: The Art-Chain is a great way to let others enjoy your unique artworks. You post three different pieces of art you have created on Facebook 5 days in a row. Each day you nominate someone new to join the Art-Chain and do the same.

Cathryn Peters nominated me and I’m nominating my mother-in-law, Joanne Reynolds, a watercolor artist. If you want to be nominated next, just pop me an email!!

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