The Art-Chain: Day 5 (Delayed)

If I told you the week I had, you would understand why Day 5 of the Art-Chain I was challenged to do last week is being posted five days late. Also, have you watched the national weather? Tennessee is under a state of emergency due to a fluke winter storm. Round 1 of the storm was on Monday. Wednesday was Round 2 and tomorrow is Round 3!

But don’t misunderstand… I am not whining about our situation (well maybe a little). When we saw what happened in our old home state of New Hampshire over the last couple weeks we felt a little bad for all the family up North. They are really having a hard time with the unbelievable snowfall they’ve been having.

However, at the same time, we also were grateful to be down South experiencing a milder climate. So we thought! Lost power, frigid temperatures, everything is covered in ice and one of my favorite old trees in our front yard came crashing down. We have lots of pretty pics and will post over the weekend. But first, I need to finish out this Five-Day Art-Chain!! (If you are unfamiliar, just go back to Day 1 or Day 2 from my posts last week.)

So here’s my three samples of work for the final Day 5.


Above painting is titled “Attention” I believe and the current owners of this painting are our good friends Karen and Eric up in Maine. If I could paint in one color, it would probably be this blue-green hue.


The above painting was part of a series where I selected a group of single words and visually depicted one word from the list. This one is titled “Brilliance” and I sold it back in 2007 I believe.

day5-Triptych red blocksOne of my favorites from my group of sold works is this triptych titled “a few landscapes.”

So that’s it! I completed the 5 days. Not necessarily five days straight but at least it was 5 days within the same month! And for my final day, I nominate my sister Michelle to post 3 pieces of her artwork for 5 Days.

Thanks Cathryn Peters, a.k.a. wicker woman, for challenging me! It was fun going through all my old works. Will have to create a similar self-challenge some time in the future!

Everyone keep warm!!

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