From Our McMinnville Paper…

Is dog slobber good for your health?

Researchers are now preparing a study seeking to confirm that dog slobber, by itself (and not just the psychological advantages of playing with and petting a dog), might provide human health benefits, such as relief from asthma, allergies and inflammation. Specialists from the University of Arizona and University of California San Diego point to existing evidence of the comparative healthiness of dog-owning families and suspect that canine saliva, like yogurt, may have unusual probiotic value.

Jaxson sure has lots of slobber. Hmmmm… maybe I can get Mr. Basketmaker to try it and see if it’s true? I’ll keep you posted…

* Above article from Southern Standard, McMinnville, Tenn., Sunday, March 29, 2015 • Chuck Shepherd’s column ‘News of the Weird’

Five Questions Friday: Special Ed

Q:So tell me about your workshop last weekend… I heard you had a well-known basketmaker in your class.
Eric: Yes I did. And who told you? I also don’t want to name drop since you know it’s not my style. But all I will say is he’s from Nantucket.

Q: Come on… name drop? Seriously? What does that mean?
Eric: It means naming names and I guess I could but I don’t want to. Not really sure how to answer that but I rarely talk about my students. You know that saying about Las Vegas? Well, my motto is “What happens in my class, stays in my class.”

Q: Really? Because I’ve heard a couple stories of some of your students. 
Eric: Okay, well maybe a couple, or a few, leak out.

Q: Speaking of name-dropping, I need to call out a person on behalf of my cousin, K. I know that when you have more than a certain number of students, you can bring in a teacher’s assistant. What if I asked my Uncle Ed to be your assistant? And what would he help you with?
Eric: Uhm, I’d pretty much tell him to run to Starbucks for me and then take the rest of the day off.
(yeah, I don’t find that funny.) 

Q: What annoyed you this week?
Eric: Well, as you were asking me this question, that stupid TENA commercial for some kind of leakage I don’t want to know about, that has that woman driving the car singing “Fiiiinnnaaallllyyyyy….!”

And it also shows the people in the theater with the narrator saying “laugh out loud, as loud as possible,” which basically tells people to be totally annoying in public and don’t worry about all the other people you are really ticking off…

it reminds me of that show called the Actor’s Studio or something like that and there was always this woman in the front row that would be laughing so loud, even after everyone else was quiet and would even laugh at things that weren’t even funny and then…
Okay… we get it… you don’t like that commercial that tells people to sing and laugh really loud as they want.
Eric: Well, that really annoys me when people laugh out loud at something that is not funny at all.

Five Questions Friday: Spark

chevy-spark-van-breakdown-basketry-travelThis week’s questions need to start with what’s usually his last question which is…

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: The van breaking down 90 minutes away from home on my way to the convention in North Carolina.

Q: What happened?
Eric: At the time, I didn’t know but a loud ding and a light went off that said “check engine.” I got off the highway and looked around to have it checked out. The first place couldn’t fix it so they sent me to another garage. They looked at it and said they were able to fix it but not until the next day because they had to order the part.

Q: So what did you do?
Eric: I couldn’t wait since I was teaching my first class the next day at the NCBA. So I called Hertz and got a ride to get my new rental car, which happens to be red and very little. A Chevy Spark to be exact. Did I say that it was tiny?.

Q: Yes, you did. How did you fit in all your stuff?
Eric: I barely did. I had the passenger seat, back seat and the barely-there hatchback trunk completely filled. I couldn’t fit my wheel cart to lug all this stuff into the hotel, so left that behind. It was very uncomfortable.

Q: Okay, so you made it. Let’s end on a positive note… Anything funny happen in class?
Eric: Yes. You know all the shop cloths you cut for my classes? Well, someone asked out loud, in front of everyone, “Did these used to be your pajamas?” I quickly replied, “I prefer to call them lounge pants.” Everyone burst out laughing. And then we talked about how we were hosted at someone’s house many years ago and she told everyone the rags they were using to oil their baskets were cut from her old underwear.
(Actually, those plaid “shop cloths” I cut for you were from my old pajamas. Hey, they were washed beforehand! And they were too ‘used’ to donate. Glad they not only came in handy, but they provided some much-needed entertainment.)