Five Questions Friday: Little Women

Q: Did you know today is the 65th anniversary of the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List?
Eric: No. I did not know that. And I’m surprised that I did not know that and this is the first I’m hearing of it because I’m usually full of useless facts.
(Not this time my friend…)

Q: What did you think of the write-up Tracey received? (You know… the one I linked to in my post from yesterday?)
Eric: My first opinion is she gets way too much airtime! (kidding) I wish she didn’t retire because I want to hear more stories. Or, have her come over and tell us all the ones she kept secret.

Q: (From Kerryn B.) Hey Eric… what did you think about the last episode of Little Women with Terra and Christy?
Eric: Hey, I only discuss comments about that show with “Fake Paul.”
(since that is an inside joke, I will be writing a future post about the whole “Fake Paul” incident because 1) it’s funny but 2) it will embarrass Mr. Basketmaker to no end.)

Q: Speaking of Kerryn, I heard she called and let you know about the new Little Women, New York version. And I heard you said you would be checking it out. Is this true?
Eric: No, I never said that!

QWhat aggravated you this week?
Eric: Well, it’s a lame answer but all I can think of is this (bleep) rain.

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