The Kind of Convo’s You May Have When You Work at Home

hand-palm-print-finger-lengthSo my brother, who is also self-employed, called me for a short chat earlier today. Nothing too important. One item that came up during our conversation was that he happened to come across an article about how the lengths of our fingers can predict our personalities and lifestyle.

However, he didn’t really read the article so he couldn’t tell me what, if any, life-changing significance there is to the unique length of my digits. His point was that he wanted to know if my hand was like his, because his wife’s was not. And we discovered it must be genetic, since we both have our ring fingers longer than our index finger.

Before hanging up he told me to text him a pic of my hand and he would do the same, so we could visually confirm it. (You know… the usual kind of stuff that self-employed people who work from home, do…)

Eric happened to call at the moment I was taking my hand pic to send to my brother. Great timing, I thought, since I had the opportunity to ask him which finger was the longest, 2nd longest, etc. on his hand. And he said “I’m glad to know you both are working so hard today.” Point taken.

Nonetheless, his finger lengths are similar to my brother’s wife’s hands. So what does it mean?

Well, I did do some quick research and here’s what I found out. (Disclaimer: this is not any scientific explanation at all… so don’t use my words if you’re writing a thesis or something!)

My synopsis: It really doesn’t matter!! There were so many differing opinions amongst the various websites. But one thing remained the same — how our fingers get their lengths while in the womb. During this time, our fingers sprout and elongate, their growth is affected by the prevalence of the hormones testosterone and estrogen. The fetal ring finger has many receptors for both hormones on it, and the index finger has fewer receptors. Therefore, the testosterone lengthens the fetal fingers, while estrogen stops their growth.

Ah, what? So my hands, with its long fingers, depict a more masculine inclination? And Eric… well his is opposite. I called my brother and said, “How can Eric be feminine? That’s like impossible… just look at him.” And he said, “Well, Lynne, he is a basketmaker after all.” Another point taken.

(just teasing Mr. Basketmaker y’all….)

To conclude, we both decided that all the supposedly “scientific studies” were bunk. Except for the Italian study that said because of my ring finger length, I would tend to be the more successful entrepreneur and be a real go-getter. I like that. Especially since while Eric is working hard at his convention, I’ve pretty much been lounging in the lounge chair all day, snacking on things I shouldn’t be snacking on and watching things I shouldn’t be watching. Now I don’t feel so guilty for being a slug… my fingers clearly depict a hard-working woman! I must relax…

The Cottage Girls 2015 Calendar: March

Here’s March’s “Calendar Girl” which happens to be Miss Pat Beagle! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then read this post here.


It’s March and I may be starting to sound a little forged very shortly, but this is one of my favorites as well. (translation or heads up: there’s more “months” ahead that are my favorites…)

The basket for the month of March was woven by Pat Beagle and when I was deciding where to shoot everyone’s baskets, I knew I wanted hers to be staged simply sitting on this exquisite area rug on the property, outside Atlanta, where I was shooting all the baskets.

For a calendar, rather at least for me, I usually need to keep it very organic and not decide, while on shoot, which baskets will be for what month. Instead, I chose to look at the piece in front of me, and decide what “background” would work well with this particular craft.

Nonetheless, as I initially processed Pat’s sewing basket in my head, I knew I needed to have it for March. Let’s say it was an instinct, or a feeling, or something I can’t explain. But I simply knew it was going to be featured for that month and I planned accordingly.

However, and as every designer knows, you need to have a “backup plan, just in case my instincts were inoperative that particularly sunny November day.” So I actually set up two shots for this basket… the one on this gorgeous carpet and another, outside in front of a red barn. The “carpet” shot won. But then again, I had great clients for this project and they pretty much left it up to me on what I thought looked best. So there really was no debate on what image would be used for March.

Below is March’s Calendar Girl, Miss Pat Beagle!


Note: I heard the little bird image used for the First Day of Spring, on March 20th, happens to be Jud M.’s favorite image… could this be true? Also, I don’t know who wove and created the basket I used for St. Patrick’s Day! (Bad me.) If anyone knows, please inform me here!

Five Questions Friday: Little Women

Q: Did you know today is the 65th anniversary of the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List?
Eric: No. I did not know that. And I’m surprised that I did not know that and this is the first I’m hearing of it because I’m usually full of useless facts.
(Not this time my friend…)

Q: What did you think of the write-up Tracey received? (You know… the one I linked to in my post from yesterday?)
Eric: My first opinion is she gets way too much airtime! (kidding) I wish she didn’t retire because I want to hear more stories. Or, have her come over and tell us all the ones she kept secret.

Q: (From Kerryn B.) Hey Eric… what did you think about the last episode of Little Women with Terra and Christy?
Eric: Hey, I only discuss comments about that show with “Fake Paul.”
(since that is an inside joke, I will be writing a future post about the whole “Fake Paul” incident because 1) it’s funny but 2) it will embarrass Mr. Basketmaker to no end.)

Q: Speaking of Kerryn, I heard she called and let you know about the new Little Women, New York version. And I heard you said you would be checking it out. Is this true?
Eric: No, I never said that!

QWhat aggravated you this week?
Eric: Well, it’s a lame answer but all I can think of is this (bleep) rain.