It Starts With The Base…

This week is a special class where ‘The Goddesses’ are working on an ‘exhibit quality’ basket. Sunday night at Eric’s ‘open house’ they each got to pick out their own bases…


The next morning they were fast at work. Here a few of them, uhm, I mean ‘goddesses’ in the workshop sanding…


The next morning, I joined them for breakfast at the Bonnie Blue Inn…


Above is Rebecca, the owner and the chef, announcing what everyone is about to eat. I stopped listening after she said the “peaches in the peach cobbler come from my garden.” I started to inch my way back to my chair while the others continued to listen. Well, from the look on Tracey’s face below, I think she was thinking the same thing as me… I need to taste this cobbler… now!


Here’s the only other pic I have of the basketmakers working in the weaving area…


Somehow all the other pictures I took disappeared off the camera. After the basketmakers left here to go to the B&B, Mr. Basketmaker borrowed my camera to take this shot of, what else? His dog Jaxson, lounging on his dog bed. Actually his dog bed is a loveseat couch…


And when Mr. Basketmaker returned my camera after taking a bunch of shots so he could show me how cute his dog is, a whole pile of photos I took of the basketry workshop for the last two days were gone. Now of course I’m not accusing him… I’m just sayin’…


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6 Responses to It Starts With The Base…

  1. Donna

    Oh my gosh the breakfast looks outstanding! She is such an amazing chef! And her jams are awesome!! Eat up and enjoy!
    That’s too bad about the lost pics. Theres a shopping opportunity- – Maybe Mr.Basketmaker needs a camera of his very own? But Jaxon does looks pretty comfy. So photogenic!

    • lynne

      Yes, Rebecca is an amazing chef. And no, Mr. Basketmaker does not need his own camera! LOL. He will lose it or break it. He’s okay to borrow mine because he usually gives it right back to me.

  2. Joanne

    Lynne, you have to admit Jaxson is really cute! Oh and so is Chance!

  3. Tripp

    So I guess you could say that with the Goddesses, “It’s all about the base, ’bout the base, no trouble”

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