Saturday Night Art Walk: Nantucket

So y’all know Eric had a workshop on Nantucket so that gave me some time to check out the various artwork on the island… specifically those housed within Nantucket Historical Association buildings (meaning, no galleries).

So I’ll start with some of the work from the 1800 House, where Eric was teaching. First up is a typical Nantucket art scene…


Above is Painted Panel by Bee Shay. The next image (and my photo does not do it justice!) is an Embellished Appliqué Quilt Block Designed by Patricia Cevoli and Stitched by Edith Lynch Bouriez.


Next art two works created by shell artist Sandi Blanda who also teaches workshops at the 1800 House.

Both of these were tiny intricate little sculptures in a shadowbox frame behind glass (so slightly difficult to capture all the detail due to glare).

Next we will move into the Macy House, where we stayed, on 99 Main Street. I only have one lovely painting to show since last year I showed a lot of the home’s art (if you missed it, click here.)


Above painting is from the English artist Sir Thomas Lawrence (1769-1830). He was a self-taught painter and a well-known portrait artist in his time. He was also President of the Royal Academy. I’m assuming the portrait is of Lady Russell, since her name is written at the bottom of the plaque 🙂

Next image is a watercolor of one of the sisters at my most favorite museum building owned by the NHA, Greater Light. (You can see last year’s post on Greater Light here.) greater-light-painting I’ll finish with a small exhibit featured in the Whaling Museum…whaling-museum-needlepoint

Above needlework is by the artist Susan Boardman. The next photo is of the wall — to show you how tiny, tiny, immensely tiny these works are!whaling-museum-needlepoint-susan-boardman

In the corner, there was a basket filled with large magnifying glasses so you could view the intricate work…


Above is a closeup I was seeing through the magnifying glass and below is the entire piece. Simply amazing work…whaling-museum-needlepoint-nantucket

Since I am the basketmaker’s wife and I try to write as much as I can about baskets (I’m not a basketmaker myself), I will finish with this sweet basket that is part of the permanent collection at the Whaling Museum. Sorry for the quality but this basket was in a darkened area inside a case with thick glass and small lights illuminating it were creating lots of reflection and glare…azorean-basket-faial-island-1857It is an Azorean Basket from 1857. It was brought to Nantucket from Faial Island by Captain Charles Rule.

Have a good night! Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Saturday Night Art Walk: Nantucket”

  1. Wow, the intricate work and colors are amazing! History and the art of it all are just fascinating. The basket looks like it could maybe be a fishing creel? Wonderful pictures. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Thanks Janet. I’m not an experienced islander but I have done plenty of exploring, eating and drinking. So I could probably send you to the right spots…

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