Saturday Night Art Walk: Watercolor Patterns 1935-1942

Haven’t done a Saturday Night Art Walk in a long time. I’ll try to remember the format…

Oh yes… I’m supposed to say what I’m drinking and what I’m listening to…

Actually, I have a marathon of Big Bang Theory going on in the background. And I’m drinking a nice glass of Shiraz.

Tonight I found some cool work by watercolor artists. The subject? Quilt patterns. I enjoy artists who choose interesting subject matter. I wouldn’t have thought of a quilt pattern being depicted by using watercolor medium. But turns out, it’s been quite popular for a long time. Enjoy!

Artist: DaytonBrown Title: Quilt 1937. Watercolor and Graphite on paper.
Artist: Elbert Mowery Title: SilkQuilt 1941. Watercolor, Colored Pencil and Graphite on paper.
Artist: Lena Nastasi Title: Crazy Quilt 1936. Watercolor, Gouache and Graphite on paper.
Artist: Francis Law Durand Title: Crib Quilt 1942. Watercolor.
Artist: Jules Lefevere Title: Patchwork 1936. Watercolor on paper.
Artist: Ruth Barnes Title: Coverlet 1936. Watercolor on paper.
Artist: AliceCosgrove Title: Quilt TulipPattern 1941. Watercolor and Graphite on Paper.
Artist: Cora Parker Title: GrapePattern 1935. Watercolor and Graphite
Artist: Cora Parker Title: Velvet Pieced Quilt 1938. Watercolor and graphite on paper.
Artist: Ralph Morgan Title: Quilt Pattern 1935. Watercolor.
Artist: Ralph Morgan Title: Silk Quilt 1935. Watercolor and Graphite on paper.
Artist: VernaTallman Title: Friendship Quilt 1935. Watercolor, Colored Pencil, Pen and Graphite on paper.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Night Art Walk: Watercolor Patterns 1935-1942”

  1. Love the quilt theme. Such talent. In reverse, quilters can make such beautiful pictures, too. Have you ever been to the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY?

    1. We went to Paducah a few years ago and the Quilt Museum was closed! I can’t remember why but may renovations or a special meeting? Not sure.

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