Five Questions Friday: “Eartha Kitt-y”


Q: Why has there been a kitty in your workshop for the last three weeks despite you telling me “ we cannot have a cat”?
Eric: What? I don’t recall letting that kitty in. All I know is she followed you home after you rescued her from that tree across the street.

Q: Oh Really? Not only is this tiny little black kitten in your workshop, I see she has a blanket, a water bowl and a food dish that you dubbed “the kitty station”… what’s up with that????
Eric: What? I don’t recall saying that.

Q: Uh, huh. Well, does she have a “kitty station” or not?
Eric: She has a place were she has food. And a bowl for water. And a basket with a blanket for her to sleep in. And it’s all next to a window where she can look outside. And I might’ve referred to that area as “a station” but that’s all I’m sayin’… 

Q: Despite what you say, I know you’ve been thinking of some names. What’s the number one on your list?
Eric: I have not wanted to name this kitten because when she becomes a cat, you never know how long it will want to stay. But it seems like she may become an indoor cat since she doesn’t want to go outside or even leave the workshop. Back to your question, if I had to come up with a name, I would say “Eartha Kitt” who also is the best Cat Woman Villain there ever was.

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: That kitten! She is under my feet, on my feet, on my workbench—non-stop, all day. And when I’m gone, she apparently has an obsession with taking my pushpins out of my large cork board above my desk and ripping my calendar pages. 

3 thoughts on “Five Questions Friday: “Eartha Kitt-y””

  1. Curt said you should name her Baskitty! Pretty clever, huh? But I agree that Eartha was the best Catwoman

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