Five Questions Friday: One dog, then two, now a cat… How about a goat next?

Q: I was going through a whole ton of photos and these two reminded me of one of my shopping experiences here in the South. Did I tell you that while I was at the antique store at the bottom of the hill in Woodbury, a woman was walking around with a baby goat?
Eric: No. You didn’t tell me that. She literally was holding a baby goat inside the store?
Uh, yes, see the pics.

Q: This happened last year. You sure I never told you? 
Eric: Positive. I think I would remember that.
(I think that’s debatable…)

Q: Isn’t she adorable? How about we get a goat next?
Eric: No!!! We are not getting a goat. This new cat is bad enough. She just ran up that velvet curtain like a maniac… swinging up top.

Q: Speaking of that little maniac, why don’t you tell everyone her new name… again. (This is the third name Mr. Basketmaker has proclaimed. I’m thinking it may change again…)
Eric: Coco Kitty. But I’ve had some other names floating around. It could change a few more times.
(Yup, I was right).

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: This cat somehow finding her way in the attic of the shop and me having to get a ladder and open up a vent to get her out.

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