How we use an Eric Taylor Basket

Eric saw how I was using his Cottage Tool Tote Basket and said I should post it and add “when he created the basket, he never considered how perfect a standard box of tissues fit in the center.”

We use Eric’s baskets all around the house so I thought it would be nice to show how we utilize them. One of my favorites is his Cottage Tool Tote. It holds my tissues, a book I’m reading, the two remotes and then space for my pens, small pile of scrap paper, lip balm (I’m addicted) and my glasses. Sometimes, I like sitting on the couch and other times I like to sit in the chair on the other side and all I have to do is move the basket to our side table and everything’s right where I need it.

2 thoughts on “How we use an Eric Taylor Basket”

  1. OOH, nice! I use it for paper napkins in the middle and plastic utensils on the side…

    BTW, how is basket-cat doing LOL

    1. Basket-Cat, aka Coco Kitty is doing very well. She has the life. She owns the workshop and uses the doggie door as well to go outside.

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