My Sister’s Chronicle of Nashville

As soon as Mr. Basketmaker and myself returned from his workshop on Nantucket and visiting family in New Hampshire and Maine, I had to hop back in the car and head to Nashville to pick up my sister from the airport. Her childhood friend turned 50 and my sister and her friend’s sister planned a small “girl’s long weekend” celebration.

And being the smart and clever person my sister is, she decided to post her Nashville experiences via her cocktails. (Which was fine with me since I didn’t want her taking my picture for 4 days…) So I’m stealing her images and posting them here, because, as her annoying older sister, I can do that kind of stuff!

Thanks Michelle, Lurée and Renée for a great weekend!

You can follow my sister on her Instagram here. She is a great artist and photographer and posts often. (Not like me. I started my Instagram several years ago and still have only ONE image there.)

2 thoughts on “My Sister’s Chronicle of Nashville”

  1. Thank you too! Cheers to a fabulous weekend of sisters, friends, music, cocktails, food, and an (attempted) escape 🙂 Great to see you, Lynne!! Looking forward to round 2 in December 🙂

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