Knee deep in basket photos…

I’m back home and back to work. Today’s priority? Organizing all of Mr. Basketmaker’s photos! What a job, let me tell you.

There’s thousands of photos in various folders within more folders and not only on my computer but Eric’s as well.

And then there’s different sizes and versions for proposals, print and web. Not to mention on the duplicates and triplicates we have.

It’s a project that’s been on my ‘To Do’ list for years. But I need to get it done because Eric and I are putting together a large portfolio book of all his baskets. Our goal is to finish today, before midnight!

If I don’t make our self-imposed deadline, it will probably go on my lengthy ‘To Do’ list and stay there until next year…

2 thoughts on “Knee deep in basket photos…”

    1. Yes, we will be doing that. But for now, I am sorting images and then putting them all in a “master portfolio book” that I am printing so he can see them all visually and on paper. Hope that will get the ball moving much faster. Thanks Donele for reading!

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