Five Questions Friday: Anyone want a Martini?

Q: Did you notice the perfectly formed martini glass in this pic? I knew CoCo Kitty looked so familiar… Looks like there’s an olive in there too.
Eric: What? Where?
Look at her face!
Oh. Now I see it.  

Q: So how about you tell everyone about what you said to me before I left for my pottery class?
Eric:  What? Don’t remember.
You know, the comment you said after I told you my class would be over at 5:00 pm and maybe I would be home early because I will be the best in class and leave hours before everyone else.
Oh, that.
Yeah, that.
So unfair! I was joking with my wife! You can’t bring that up.
Hey, it’s my blog. I can ask what I want. So shall I say it?
Well, I don’t want you to but I’m SURE you are going to.
You said, and I quote, “Highly unlikely” in reference to me being done early because I’m so good.
Okay – I was totally joking! You know that I know I think you’re the best in everything.
Yeah, I know… 

Q: So was it really that bad that I was the last person to show up at my class… I was only 5 minutes late!
Eric: I knew that would happen when you wanted to know the last possible minute you could leave to make it in time.

Q: You just had me log on to your Facebook page. Did you know you had about 40 friend requests and a bunch of private messages? When was the last time you checked your page?
Eric: Haven’t gone on facebook in a real long time.

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: That you were NOT the first person to arrive at your pottery class! Instead, you were the last!
I know… sorry…



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