2018 Cottage Girls Basket Calendars are arriving tomorrow!

It’s another 12 months of baskets from the Cottage Girls!

Since I don’t want to spoil the surprise of all the photos inside before everyone receives their copy, I’m only including the front and inside cover pages.

If you are not a Cottage Girl and would like to purchase one of the calendars, we have about 7 left over (purchase info is below photo).

The calendars are the same price as last year, $27 each. Please use the link below to purchase. Shipping is Priority Mail. If you would like regular snail mail, it will be $3 cheaper and I will refund the balance. Just let me know if you aren’t in a rush to receive and I will adjust.

Hit link to go to PayPal. (BTW, you don’t need an account—simply select “pay by debit or credit card” on the linked page.)

Five Questions Friday: Anyone want a Martini?

Q: Did you notice the perfectly formed martini glass in this pic? I knew CoCo Kitty looked so familiar… Looks like there’s an olive in there too.
Eric: What? Where?
Look at her face!
Oh. Now I see it.  

Q: So how about you tell everyone about what you said to me before I left for my pottery class?
Eric:  What? Don’t remember.
You know, the comment you said after I told you my class would be over at 5:00 pm and maybe I would be home early because I will be the best in class and leave hours before everyone else.
Oh, that.
Yeah, that.
So unfair! I was joking with my wife! You can’t bring that up.
Hey, it’s my blog. I can ask what I want. So shall I say it?
Well, I don’t want you to but I’m SURE you are going to.
You said, and I quote, “Highly unlikely” in reference to me being done early because I’m so good.
Okay – I was totally joking! You know that I know I think you’re the best in everything.
Yeah, I know… 

Q: So was it really that bad that I was the last person to show up at my class… I was only 5 minutes late!
Eric: I knew that would happen when you wanted to know the last possible minute you could leave to make it in time.

Q: You just had me log on to your Facebook page. Did you know you had about 40 friend requests and a bunch of private messages? When was the last time you checked your page?
Eric: Haven’t gone on facebook in a real long time.

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: That you were NOT the first person to arrive at your pottery class! Instead, you were the last!
I know… sorry…



December’s Calendar Cottage Girl for the last month of the year is…

Miss Sybil!!

Also Happy Birthday to Connie, Sandra and Alice!

Just finished the layout for the 2018 Calendar and hope to post a little snippet of the featured baskets shortly.

If anyone would like a 2018 Cottage Girl Basket Calendar, leave a comment or send me an email and I will put you on the list!