Can’t Take Photos of Myself

Mr. Basketmaker has been hounding me to show pictures of me working on paintings for my upcoming show in June. I reminded him several times that I cannot take pictures of myself painting. So he has taken many a shot. And wonders why I’m not posting them. Well, I guess it’s easier to just give an example…

Every shot he has taken is out of focus. And I’m not sure why that is since the photos he takes of his baskets in his little photo studio always look so perfect. I wonder if there’s a subtle message he’s trying to send me…

The one below is okay but I was not eager to highlight what a hot mess my hair was!! He seemed to capture that very well…


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  1. I got a real chuckle out of this one Lynne! Does your camera have a timer on it by any chance? That’s what I use and also put the camera on a tripod. I set the timer for 10 seconds and run like hell to get in position before the damn thing flashes! Course you do have to make sure there’s a clear line for you to run between the camera and posing spot…Trust me, make sure there are NO obstacles in your way! Viola! I should really post some of the “outtakes” of mine, they are really comical, sometimes only the top of my head appear in the shot.

    • lynne

      Thanks Cathryn!! Yes, it has a timer and I even have a remote shutter release. But I hardly use it. I’d rather let Eric take the photos and then post nothing at all because they are all blurry.

  2. Mr. Basketmaker

    The photographer was spot on. Captured the moment. A real keeper. Keep up the good work!

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New Quality Control Inspector

Last week, Mr. Basketmaker was in his workshop not making basketry materials but another series of his custom packing tools. He’s calling these his “Exotic Woods” edition.

I planned on setting up a link for purchasing but he sold all of them at the North Carolina Convention over the weekend. These beauties’ popularity was probably due to the watchful eye of his new Quality Control Inspector…

(Yup, looking good…)

I will keep you posted when he produces more of his new “Exotic Wood” editions and the woods he used for the handles. Aren’t they pretty?

He also created a thicker brass base version (bottom). I personally have a hard time with gripping small items so the larger packer may come in handy for those who have the same issue. But Eric informed me that the larger size is for large-sized baskets. I still think it’s an alternative for people with hand grip issues… just my two cents!! 🙂


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4 Responses to New Quality Control Inspector

  1. Anette

    Black cats are the best and the most loyal!!! cutie

  2. Hannah

    this is great! wonderful looking and better than the old!!!!

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Five Questions Friday: Hold the Fish

Q: While you are away in North Carolina I decided to give Chance a haircut in your workshop. Look at this pic I quickly snapped… Coco Kitty kept playing with his foot! They’re going to be great friends, don’t you think?
Eric: Uh, Uh, Yeah, I guess. But from my experience, no cat is afraid of Chance.
(You do have a point…)

Q: You think that will ever happen with Jaxson?
Eric: Uh, no. No. Nope.

Q: BTW, Chance didn’t like laying on the wood floor in your workshop for some reason and kept moving onto your rug. So there’s sort of a lot of hair scattered around. I know how much you love picking up all his clipped fur so should I leave it until you get back? I wouldn’t want to deprive you of this enjoyment…
Eric: Heck no! Sweep that up and vacuum that rug. I don’t want his fur getting in the movie room especially with that cat. She’s probably flipping it all up in the air as we speak. It’s probably on my workbench, on the shelves, on the chair, in my bathroom, on the towels…
(Okay, Okay… Dang).

Q: How’s the North Carolina convention going?
Eric: Good. But I have a story for you. I walked across the street from the hotel to grab something to eat and ordered a cod sandwich and the lady asks “do you want fish with that?” and I said “What?” She repeated “Do you want fish with that?” And I said, “Doesn’t it come with fish?” She looked at me for a few seconds, and then said “Oh, no! I mean do you want cheese on that!” We both laughed but afterwards, I wished instead of me saying “What?” I said “Yes, I’ll have the Cod Sandwich but hold the fish.”

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: That cat again. While I was plugging up that hole she found next to the old stove vent in the cabinet, she hopped back up there, knocked over a stack of my molds and then spilled my coffee on the floor and all over herself… I ran out and only had enough for one cup and she dumped it! So I had no coffee. That really aggravated me.

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