Now I get my wine back.

Well I didn’t meet my self-imposed goal of complete photo organization yesterday. Not only did I discover tons more photos on my old laptop, Mr. Basketmaker was photographing more photos!

Below is his Wine Caddy Basket he was shooting.

Note: this basket has gotten a lot of wear and tear over the years. We probably should’ve photographed it before we started heavily using it. Glad he took the photo—now I can break open one of these bottles! (To EricTheSherpa from Maine: my favorite wine is Francis Ford Coppola’s Black Label Claret… see it sitting in there?)

Now back to processing even more “new basket” photos…

Knee deep in basket photos…

I’m back home and back to work. Today’s priority? Organizing all of Mr. Basketmaker’s photos! What a job, let me tell you.

There’s thousands of photos in various folders within more folders and not only on my computer but Eric’s as well.

And then there’s different sizes and versions for proposals, print and web. Not to mention on the duplicates and triplicates we have.

It’s a project that’s been on my ‘To Do’ list for years. But I need to get it done because Eric and I are putting together a large portfolio book of all his baskets. Our goal is to finish today, before midnight!

If I don’t make our self-imposed deadline, it will probably go on my lengthy ‘To Do’ list and stay there until next year…

My Sister’s Chronicle of Nashville

As soon as Mr. Basketmaker and myself returned from his workshop on Nantucket and visiting family in New Hampshire and Maine, I had to hop back in the car and head to Nashville to pick up my sister from the airport. Her childhood friend turned 50 and my sister and her friend’s sister planned a small “girl’s long weekend” celebration.

And being the smart and clever person my sister is, she decided to post her Nashville experiences via her cocktails. (Which was fine with me since I didn’t want her taking my picture for 4 days…) So I’m stealing her images and posting them here, because, as her annoying older sister, I can do that kind of stuff!

Thanks Michelle, Lurée and Renée for a great weekend!

You can follow my sister on her Instagram here. She is a great artist and photographer and posts often. (Not like me. I started my Instagram several years ago and still have only ONE image there.)