Our Reclaimed Wood DIY Advent Calendar

I can’t wait for December first. Why? Because Mr. BasketMaker fills up all 25 days of our advent calendar we made a couple years ago, for me to open up each day.

Actually, I think he only fills up a few days ahead because he thinks I will peek. But I wouldn’t know that because I never look ahead ūüėČ

Anyway, when we made this I took instructional photos but never posted. But the good news is that after 3 years it’s still in great shape and working perfectly!

It started with a 25-box storage compartment I bought at Hobby Lobby or one of those craft stores.

My idea was to decoupage the fronts with different papers I’ve collected but brought it into Eric’s workshop to see if he could build me a frame around it so it would be more sturdy.

Well he did better than that…

Using some reclaimed wood that was given to us (Thanks Suzanne & Jud!) he turned it into a wood house frame with a little shelf under the roof!

Before he added the bottom base, he inserted the box to make sure everything fit. And, of course, it did!

So now everything is getting “re-put together” and glued and nailed…

Now it’s ready to bring into my workshop…

I decoupaged different papers on each front…

Now the task of laying them all out and figuring out which color combination worked best. That probably took the longest, honestly!

Then when I was happy with the order, I pasted on subtle numbers I found from old ruler paper. Then I painted a little on top of each to give it an “antique” kind of feel which made everything appear cohesive but you can skip that step.

And that’s it! I love our little advent calendar! Send any pics of your family’s advent calendar!!

Five Questions Friday: AmStaff’s

My smart, beautiful wonderful cousin Kerryn weaving her first basket. BTW, nice pants…

Q: While you were teaching in Connecticut I showed Kerryn how to make your 7-inch Carrier Basket. Teaching is a lot of work and I’m not even good at it! How do you do it?
Eric:¬†How do I do it? Ah, well first lesson is learn from your mistakes. That’s all I’m gonna say.
Well how did I do?
I wasn’t there and won’t know until I put on the¬†rims and really get a closer look. But from the picture you showed me, it looked good for someone who never made a basket before. I’m sure you showed her all the shortcuts and everything NOT to do when teaching a newbie how to weave a basket.
Not funny. But you’re¬†probably right.

Q: Did you hear that the winner for the Terrier Group of the Westminster Dog Show was the American Staffordshire Terrier? Just like Jaxson!
Eric:¬†Well, Jaxson is half that and Chesapeake Bay Retriever. But I love it. Am-Staff’s are great dogs. Should’ve won¬†the whole thing.

Q: You must’ve¬†enjoyed bonding with Jaxson over your long early morning works. You don’t do that at home. What’d you two talk about?
Eric:¬†What did we talk about? Well, he doesn’t talk. But I said a lot of things like “Stop pulling… get over here… stop sniffing that… stay over here… hurry up… ¬†that’s not your toy… watch out for that car… this isn’t your house… no we aren’t going in there…”

Q: Speaking of dog toy, I see he brought home a new one. How is he able to always spot a discarded dog toy no matter where we are?
Eric:¬†He’s got some kind of radar. And some may or may not have actually been discarded. We will never know.

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: Me packing a little bit yesterday and then Jaxson whining all day because he thought we were finally leaving. So annoying.
What? He whined for like four hours. Try listening to him whine all week when you are gone to a workshop! And you just got done saying he’s a great dog!
Eric: Well, he definitely has his annoying moments. That’s all I can say.

More pics from the Basket Cottage in Georgia

Here are some leftover pics I took at Suzanne Marvin’s Basket Cottage outside Atlanta, Georgia…

Eric attaching the rims to Kathleen’s Mountain Bread basket…

Drilling holes for Miss Tracey’s mini basket…

I like this next pic because you know when a photo of Mr. Basketmaker is taken outside of his workshop because he brings out his fancy shirts…

Walking on my way to the Basket Cottage, I came across a huge circular spider web. You can barely see it since I snapped it with my iPhone but I still thought it was cool with the fall colors in the background…

An early foggy morning pic of the Basket Cottage…

FYI – Suzanne hosts many basket workshops throughout the year with various teachers. If you are ever interested, drop me a note and I will send you her contact info.

The Basket Cottage is out in the woods and on a lake and is a wonderful place to make baskets!