Penn-Jersey Basketry Guild 25th Anniversary

The Penn-Jersey Basketry Guild celebrated their 25th Anniversary and invited Eric to give a presentation at their special celebratory meeting held on the Jersey Shore. He spoke about his career and gave a demonstration on bending wood. At the end of his talk, it was time for ‘questions and answers.’ One person asked “Where do you get your design inspiration from?” To be funny, I was in the back of the room wildly pointing at myself.  I guess he didn’t see me! Afterwards, he told me he thought I was signaling him to wrap it up and he was talking too long. We both got a good laugh.

Aluminum foil – shiny side down?

We travel around the country for my husband’s workshops. Sometimes we stay at people’s homes and get into lengthy conversations. Many times, about subjects that are not of any importance. One involved aluminum foil. Which side touches food when baking… the shiny side or the dull side? According to our host’s friend, who is a chemist, the dull side has a chemical on it so the shiny side should always be the side that comes in contact with food when baking. Is this one of those “never believe everything you hear” moments? On another note, I’ve been in advertising for many years and enjoy reading vintage ads. This one is great. “Woman’s bright new problem solver!” You gotta love it.