Mr. Basket Maker makes stuff magically happen

You know what’s great about being an artist and being married to a basketmaker? Things magically happen.

One night last week I had 8 more frames to cut out for my set of 25 mini 6×6 paintings. It was well after midnight and was too tired to finish. The next morning, I wake up and see not only are the frames all cut out, they were put together and each artwork enclosed.

“Unspoken Words #1-25” Series, Mixed Media, 6×6 canvas, framed

Also last week, I was trying to figure out the display from where my acrylic panels will hang from and in comes Eric with a mini model!

Three panels on the front and three panels on the back. It looked perfect. On Sunday, Eric went to his best friend’s house outside of Atlanta and they worked on the full-size display. It’s awesome! Better than I could have imagined. But it’s not put together so I cannot take a photo. As soon as the display is complete, I will show a pic.

FYI – I’m trying to block out some time to get my website updated so I can upload the paintings that will be part of my show and also have the ability for pre-sales before my artist reception. 

Eleven Days Left in Show Countdown

I wouldn’t have known I had eleven days left if it weren’t for Mr. Basketmaker writing it in large letters on our chalkboard. I’m glad he did because in my head, I’m thinking I still have plenty of time before I hang all my artwork the first of the month.

No Saturday Night Artwalk tonight because I’m busy painting. And won’t put my brush down probably until the morning of June first. And it’s just not my artwork that needs finishing; I have signage and artist bio plus my statement. Sure, I already have them written, but they need updating. Still need to photograph and create certificate of authenticity sheets for every item. Okay, my stress level is now rising…

I did get my first set of show postcards off to the printer yesterday. Whether they get shipped here well before day one is another story. So I’ll leave you with a sample of my cards. If you live close by, would love to see you for my artist reception June 10th!

Saturday Night Art Walk: Rain, Rain, Rain

It’s been raining here for days. It’s raining right now. And will be all day tomorrow. I know… April Showers Bring May Flowers. But I think we have gotten plenty. Bring in the sun! So tonight I am featuring artwork about, what else, the rain!

What I’m drinking? Something new my friend Suzanne taught me last week: Iced Lemonade with a little red wine slowly poured on top. So pretty. And pretty tasty. However, I’m not listening to any music tonight. Instead I’m in our living room on a chair with a comforter, my feet up and the TV on. I have a little spring cold and I’m a bit cranky which Mr. Basketmaker can attest to.

My first image’s colors and composition depict how I’m feeling right about now… 🙁

Actors in a confrontation before a gate in the rain. Colour woodcut by Yoshitaki, early 1860s.
(Creative Commons Credit: Wellcome Library, London. )
We do not mind if it rains and wets us through- we are not afraid of anything as we have in our basket the genuine “Fer Bravais” which will preserve us from all illnesses. Published: circa 1890. Credit: Wellcome Library

What’s a ‘Fer Bravais’ you ask? I didn’t know either so I looked it up. The above image is an old advertising piece for a newly invented ‘medicine’ product. A French chemist named Raoul Bravais was the first to create a medicine-type preparation on a large scale which was his special formula of dialysed iron. It became known as “Fer Bravais.”

This next one doesn’t depict rain but it involves water since it’s a Watercolor painting. A nice abstract bright one.

If I was going to paint an abstract of rain drops, it would probably be something similar to this. Love this artist’s color palette.

I’ll finish with a photo of rain drops, which is the purpose of my Art Walk to begin with — you never know where you will find inspiration for your next project. Photo below has great composition for the beginnings of an abstract painting, which I will be adding to my painting list.

Photographer: Markus Spiske – Thanks for sharing your talent!

Have a good evening! And let me know if any of the art I curate for y’all has inspired you for a particular project. Would also love to see it!