Summer Basket Workshops in Tennessee

I’ve finally updated Eric’s summer workshop page. You can find it here. Sorry to all those who emailed looking for it.

The only spots left open is during the week of July 23-29th. Currently there is three available.

FYI – The “Things to do” page has finally been created as well on the Summer Workshop Page. That was supposed to be done two years ago.

How we use an Eric Taylor Basket

Eric saw how I was using his Cottage Tool Tote Basket and said I should post it and add “when he created the basket, he never considered how perfect a standard box of tissues fit in the center.”

We use Eric’s baskets all around the house so I thought it would be nice to show how we utilize them. One of my favorites is his Cottage Tool Tote. It holds my tissues, a book I’m reading, the two remotes and then space for my pens, small pile of scrap paper, lip balm (I’m addicted) and my glasses. Sometimes, I like sitting on the couch and other times I like to sit in the chair on the other side and all I have to do is move the basket to our side table and everything’s right where I need it.