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Five Questions Friday: Bee Rescuer

Q: So was it hard for you to leave me and my parents who stopped in on their way from Florida to New Hampshire, to go off to the Indiana Convention—Especially since a string of bad storms were heading our way?
Eric: Yes, it was very hard. I was very worried. I was online watching the Nashville newscast.

Eric: By the way, I have a question for you… why were my speakers all disconnected in the workshop?
Me: Oh yeah. I forgot to tell you about that. During the tornado warning, my mom and I were in your main workshop room. We were watching the local news to see where in McMinnville the tornado warning was focused. But my dad was in the movie room, apparently not worried that the tornado warning was in our town, watching his own program. However, your two speakers in the main room were wired into the movie room, blaring my dad’s show, so we couldn’t hear the weather. I unplugged one of your speakers thinking it would disconnect both but it didn’t. So I had to disconnect the second one. Sorry, but safety came first on that one.

Q: My mom and I are back to our FitBit challenge. I reduced her weekly requirements to 10,000 steps a day, 5 days a week. Mine are 10,000 a day, 6 days a week. She has already missed 3 days. Do I dock her or let it slide?
Eric: Awwwe, geez. Well, I guess you can dock her if you want but I wouldn’t recommend you doing that. 

Q: I am so glad I am done the taxes— and two days before they were due! Taxes completely stress me out. Does my personality change at all during this mad-dash-to-get-taxes-done?
Eric: (LOL) Ahh… I’m gonna say I don’t think so.

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: All the bees coming into my workshop. I propped the door open to bring materials in and had four this afternoon I had to rescue.
Me: Rescue? We’re rescuing bees now?
Eric: Yeah. I got a good method now. They always go to the window. I capture it in a cup, slide a piece of cardboard over it and then set it free outside.
Me: Yeah, to come right back in.
Eric: Probably. It’s likely from all the climbing roses on the porch.
Me: Well, those are not going anywhere.


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Five Questions Friday: She Gets Bling

Q: For anyone who has been wondering whether you like Coco Kitty or not, how come she gets “bling” and I don’t?
Eric: Oh, Gheesh. I remember you telling me you don’t like jewelry and you don’t want me buying you jewelry.
(Uh huh. But I do think her new leopard print diamond collar is perfect for this diva of a cat.)

Q: How long did it take you to trick out her new ‘used’ carrier? (don’t need to talk about the hours it took you to scrub the nasty well-used carrier we bought at a flea market for $5 – sure wish you took a ‘before’ photo!)
Eric: Ahh well it was already taken apart to wash it. After it dried I painted all the hardware and cage gold. Then the top a lime green and gloss black for the bottom All paint we already had. But all of that did not take as long as it did to clean it. And nobody needed to see the ‘before’ photo.
(Can’t beat that sweet ride for five bucks! Now train her to get in it so we can go to the vet.)

Q: So you never told me your answer regarding the hottest question on Twitter yesterday regarding “yes” or “no” for pineapple on pizza?
Eric: Ahh, I’m going with Gordon Ramsey. No pineapple.
(I said “yes”! I love pineapple on pizza!)

Q: I do not like the saying “Kill two birds with one stone.” And I found myself wanting to text that to someone this week but didn’t. Can you come up with a better saying that is not so grisly?
Eric: There’s no way of replacing. That’s a good saying. 

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: It’s not Coco Kitty this time but it’s all her toys! They are scattered everywhere and when I bump into one, she bolts out and is under my feet again. And not talking about all the stuff she thinks are her toys like my tacks, clips, splint, weavers I just split, new stack of handles, new stack of rims, the mini bases…
(Okay we got it.)


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Five Questions Friday: Earning Her Keep

Q: Suzanne texted me this question and I totally agree… Do you like Coco Kitty or not? It’s really hard to tell! She was your aggravation for the last three weeks. What’s up with that?
Eric: I’ve had a lot of cats in my day. And at this point, I am still questioning whether she’s worthy, meaning if she sticks around and doesn’t run away and earns her keep. So far, she’s been sticking around and seems like a survivor, despite being the runt. She sure is tiny.
(I’m not so sure how any cat “earns their keep” but I will leave it at that.)

Q: How long have we lived here and you still don’t know where I keep the bandaids?
Eric: You are talking about the house. I don’t know where you keep bandaids in here. But I know where they are in the shop. If I need a bandaid, that’s where I go. I don’t know where you get your bandaids.
(I so want to comment on this, but I won’t…)

Q: Thanks for getting me a bandaid from your shop. Yours are so much better than mine. They don’t fray. Why do you have better bandaids than me?
Eric: I don’t know. I bought the sheer brand for me and fabric for you. Thought you would like those better.
(Well, you would think so. But they fray after a few minutes. Guess they are for people who don’t work with their hands.)

Q: When you got back from North Carolina you told me everyone missed reading my blog over the summer and then you proceeded to add that you had no idea why. Do you want to explain that last comment?
Eric: Don’t put that on there. That makes me sound insensitive. Are you sure I said that? You shouldn’t write that. I was joking! You know I was joking.
(Ahhh, too late. I wrote it. And who knows if you were joking. I still can’t figure out whether you like the cat or not.)

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: I’m sorry but Coco Kitty. She knocks everything off my workbench while I’m working. And then I have to pick it up and then she knocks something else off and then I put her on the floor and when I turn around she’s back on the workbench and knocks something else off. Do I need to continue?
(No. And now that’s four weeks you have stated she was your aggravation.)


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