Five Questions Friday: Anyone want a Martini?

Q: Did you notice the perfectly formed martini glass in this pic? I knew CoCo Kitty looked so familiar… Looks like there’s an olive in there too.
Eric: What? Where?
Look at her face!
Oh. Now I see it.  

Q: So how about you tell everyone about what you said to me before I left for my pottery class?
Eric:  What? Don’t remember.
You know, the comment you said after I told you my class would be over at 5:00 pm and maybe I would be home early because I will be the best in class and leave hours before everyone else.
Oh, that.
Yeah, that.
So unfair! I was joking with my wife! You can’t bring that up.
Hey, it’s my blog. I can ask what I want. So shall I say it?
Well, I don’t want you to but I’m SURE you are going to.
You said, and I quote, “Highly unlikely” in reference to me being done early because I’m so good.
Okay – I was totally joking! You know that I know I think you’re the best in everything.
Yeah, I know… 

Q: So was it really that bad that I was the last person to show up at my class… I was only 5 minutes late!
Eric: I knew that would happen when you wanted to know the last possible minute you could leave to make it in time.

Q: You just had me log on to your Facebook page. Did you know you had about 40 friend requests and a bunch of private messages? When was the last time you checked your page?
Eric: Haven’t gone on facebook in a real long time.

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: That you were NOT the first person to arrive at your pottery class! Instead, you were the last!
I know… sorry…



Five Questions Friday: Love and Passion

Q: How much are you loving our new Fairy Godmother “Mona” ornament your mom got us?
Eric: Are you showing a pic? because Mona is very well-endowed.
That’s all you have to say? Did you know she’s the godmother of love and passion? I didn’t know that they had “themes” when I picked it out. I would’ve looked for the one that said “Money.” Sorry…
No. The only Mona I know was Ross’ girlfriend on Friends.

Q: For my pottery class tomorrow, can I use your Tool Tote Basket for my jars of clay tools?
Eric:  Sure, I always encourage people to use my baskets to the shagrin of many of my students that put their baskets on shelves.

Q: What a long and busy day, at least for me. What did you do today?
Eric: I played with the cat.
So a typical day for you.

Q: I got an email from Karen about an hour ago reminding me of an email she sent me back in 2004. And in it she was inviting me over for dinner… they were making roasted chicken and potatoes. And she finished it with saying they are eating the same thing tonight! Isn’t it weird that YOU are making roasted chicken and potatoes tonight as well? Did you two talk?
Eric: For one, we both know Eric cooked the dinner so shouldn’t you be asking if I had talked to Eric?
Oh yeah, you’re right.

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: Jaxson now figuring out that my wife will allow him on the living room couch.
Hey! I only did that because when you were gone to Michigan he whined for days non-stop! It was the only thing that pacified him. Now I can’t get him off. You will have to fix that.

Five Questions Friday: AmStaff’s

My smart, beautiful wonderful cousin Kerryn weaving her first basket. BTW, nice pants…

Q: While you were teaching in Connecticut I showed Kerryn how to make your 7-inch Carrier Basket. Teaching is a lot of work and I’m not even good at it! How do you do it?
Eric: How do I do it? Ah, well first lesson is learn from your mistakes. That’s all I’m gonna say.
Well how did I do?
I wasn’t there and won’t know until I put on the rims and really get a closer look. But from the picture you showed me, it looked good for someone who never made a basket before. I’m sure you showed her all the shortcuts and everything NOT to do when teaching a newbie how to weave a basket.
Not funny. But you’re probably right.

Q: Did you hear that the winner for the Terrier Group of the Westminster Dog Show was the American Staffordshire Terrier? Just like Jaxson!
Eric: Well, Jaxson is half that and Chesapeake Bay Retriever. But I love it. Am-Staff’s are great dogs. Should’ve won the whole thing.

Q: You must’ve enjoyed bonding with Jaxson over your long early morning works. You don’t do that at home. What’d you two talk about?
Eric: What did we talk about? Well, he doesn’t talk. But I said a lot of things like “Stop pulling… get over here… stop sniffing that… stay over here… hurry up…  that’s not your toy… watch out for that car… this isn’t your house… no we aren’t going in there…”

Q: Speaking of dog toy, I see he brought home a new one. How is he able to always spot a discarded dog toy no matter where we are?
Eric: He’s got some kind of radar. And some may or may not have actually been discarded. We will never know.

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: Me packing a little bit yesterday and then Jaxson whining all day because he thought we were finally leaving. So annoying.
What? He whined for like four hours. Try listening to him whine all week when you are gone to a workshop! And you just got done saying he’s a great dog!
Eric: Well, he definitely has his annoying moments. That’s all I can say.