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Five Questions Friday: Hold the Fish

Q: While you are away in North Carolina I decided to give Chance a haircut in your workshop. Look at this pic I quickly snapped… Coco Kitty kept playing with his foot! They’re going to be great friends, don’t you think?
Eric: Uh, Uh, Yeah, I guess. But from my experience, no cat is afraid of Chance.
(You do have a point…)

Q: You think that will ever happen with Jaxson?
Eric: Uh, no. No. Nope.

Q: BTW, Chance didn’t like laying on the wood floor in your workshop for some reason and kept moving onto your rug. So there’s sort of a lot of hair scattered around. I know how much you love picking up all his clipped fur so should I leave it until you get back? I wouldn’t want to deprive you of this enjoyment…
Eric: Heck no! Sweep that up and vacuum that rug. I don’t want his fur getting in the movie room especially with that cat. She’s probably flipping it all up in the air as we speak. It’s probably on my workbench, on the shelves, on the chair, in my bathroom, on the towels…
(Okay, Okay… Dang).

Q: How’s the North Carolina convention going?
Eric: Good. But I have a story for you. I walked across the street from the hotel to grab something to eat and ordered a cod sandwich and the lady asks “do you want fish with that?” and I said “What?” She repeated “Do you want fish with that?” And I said, “Doesn’t it come with fish?” She looked at me for a few seconds, and then said “Oh, no! I mean do you want cheese on that!” We both laughed but afterwards, I wished instead of me saying “What?” I said “Yes, I’ll have the Cod Sandwich but hold the fish.”

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: That cat again. While I was plugging up that hole she found next to the old stove vent in the cabinet, she hopped back up there, knocked over a stack of my molds and then spilled my coffee on the floor and all over herself… I ran out and only had enough for one cup and she dumped it! So I had no coffee. That really aggravated me.

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Five Questions Friday: One dog, then two, now a cat… How about a goat next?

Q: I was going through a whole ton of photos and these two reminded me of one of my shopping experiences here in the South. Did I tell you that while I was at the antique store at the bottom of the hill in Woodbury, a woman was walking around with a baby goat?
Eric: No. You didn’t tell me that. She literally was holding a baby goat inside the store?
Uh, yes, see the pics.

Q: This happened last year. You sure I never told you? 
Eric: Positive. I think I would remember that.
(I think that’s debatable…)

Q: Isn’t she adorable? How about we get a goat next?
Eric: No!!! We are not getting a goat. This new cat is bad enough. She just ran up that velvet curtain like a maniac… swinging up top.

Q: Speaking of that little maniac, why don’t you tell everyone her new name… again. (This is the third name Mr. Basketmaker has proclaimed. I’m thinking it may change again…)
Eric: Coco Kitty. But I’ve had some other names floating around. It could change a few more times.
(Yup, I was right).

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: This cat somehow finding her way in the attic of the shop and me having to get a ladder and open up a vent to get her out.

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Five Questions Friday: “Eartha Kitt-y”


Q: Why has there been a kitty in your workshop for the last three weeks despite you telling me “ we cannot have a cat”?
Eric: What? I don’t recall letting that kitty in. All I know is she followed you home after you rescued her from that tree across the street.

Q: Oh Really? Not only is this tiny little black kitten in your workshop, I see she has a blanket, a water bowl and a food dish that you dubbed “the kitty station”… what’s up with that????
Eric: What? I don’t recall saying that.

Q: Uh, huh. Well, does she have a “kitty station” or not?
Eric: She has a place were she has food. And a bowl for water. And a basket with a blanket for her to sleep in. And it’s all next to a window where she can look outside. And I might’ve referred to that area as “a station” but that’s all I’m sayin’… 

Q: Despite what you say, I know you’ve been thinking of some names. What’s the number one on your list?
Eric: I have not wanted to name this kitten because when she becomes a cat, you never know how long it will want to stay. But it seems like she may become an indoor cat since she doesn’t want to go outside or even leave the workshop. Back to your question, if I had to come up with a name, I would say “Eartha Kitt” who also is the best Cat Woman Villain there ever was.

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: That kitten! She is under my feet, on my feet, on my workbench—non-stop, all day. And when I’m gone, she apparently has an obsession with taking my pushpins out of my large cork board above my desk and ripping my calendar pages. 


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