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Five Questions Friday: The Good ‘ole TV Dinner

Q: You had a long drive to the Winter Weave convention in Ohio. Anything exciting happen on the 9.5 hour-trip up there?
Eric: Uhm, let’s see… I’m thinking… Uhm, no. Nothing unusual or exciting happened. Very boring. But I was entertained with talk radio, so it went by fast.

Q: Thank gosh you bought me several frozen dinners before you left. My favorite is the spinach and feta ravioli. How did I become so culinary inept since we got married?
Eric: (laughing) I’d say lack of practice because I haven’t seen you cook.
(hey, you tell me to stay away from the stove, so if I don’t use it I lose it!)
Yeah – you totally lost it.

Q: Easy next question… Are you embarrassed that everyone knows I eat frozen dinners when you don’t cook?
Eric: No. Not at all.
(In my defense I did make myself fresh green juice with lots of kale and spinach for lunch).
Yah – 

Q: So how is the workshop going? And do you miss me?
Eric: It’s going well and yes, I do miss you.

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: Uhm… Ahhh… I have to think about that… I don’t know. I think I had a boring week and I just can’t come up with anything.
Yeah. I can’t. Really.
I guess I could say what’s aggravating me is that you keep telling me I have to come up with something! So that’s my answer. Trying to come up with something when I have nothing to come up with.
(answer accepted.)


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Five Questions Friday: The “BRO’s”

Q: I cannot believe February is almost over. It will soon be spring! BTW, what is your favorite time of year?
Eric: Uhm, hmmm… I guess if I had to pick, Spring.

Q: How was your trip with Jaxson to Knoxville to go get some cherry wood?
Eric: It was fun.

Q: Three hours there and three hours back was fun?
Eric: It’s two-and-a-half hours there, not three. And, yes, he was docile and a perfect traveler. He sits right in the front seat and enjoys the ride.
Do you talk?
Talk??? I don’t talk to him and he doesn’t talk to me. We’re “Bro’s”. We don’t do that kind of stuff.

Q: I am now a week late in providing the gallery with my exhibit statement. Will you please write it for me???
Eric: You said it’s not your bio or an artist statement so I don’t know what you should say so my answer is… Ah – No! 

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: Your exhibit statement. Just write it and send it already! Like tonight. So we can go watch a show in the movie room.
(It’s all about Mr. Basketmaker…. oh wait… he just brought me a glass of wine… I take that back… )


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Five Questions Friday: Business Moves Back in the Kitchen

Rims-Garden-Basket-Ohio-wood Rims-Garden-Basket-Ohio


Q: I see that Eric Taylor Basketry has moved into the kitchen again today.
Eric: Well, yeah. I had to bend some wood and our stove with gas works best to get the wood boiled and hot. Should I buy a new stove and install a gas hookup for the workshop?
Uh, no. Use the kitchen.

Q: What are you working on and for who?
Eric: Bending Rims and Handles for my Cottage Garden Basket that I’m teaching in a couple weeks at Winter Weave in Ohio.

Q: How ’bout that Super Bowl and don’t you feel bad for Jud? I mean, we watched the Super Bowl at his house, in Falcons’ territory, and ate all his food.
Eric: Ate all his food? I don’t feel bad for eating all his food. And I don’t feel bad for winning the game either. We all got along and there were no fights. That “super bowl” contract you drafted and tried to get us to sign was not necessary. 

Q: Now that you bought a new projector for our movie room, am I not going to see you anymore?
Eric: Oh. Well. Ah. No. I mean, won’t you come and watch more movies with me?

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: You finding out that I bought a brand new projector.


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