Five Questions Friday: Sister GaGa and Jack White

Have to refine some of these questions to “present day” because these were last week’s questions and Mr. Basketmaker forgot to answer them and then I forgot to nag him about it…

Q: Out comes Sister Gaga because it’s football season! How do you think my team, Cookie Crumblers, are going to do this year? And, how scared are you that you’re playing me this week?
Eric: Ah not very scared at all. But I don’t want to lose because I will be 2-2 and you will be 4-0. Overall you have a great time so far. But since I’m not managing your team, you will crash and burn soon.
(So not nice.)

Q: Last week’s question was “why are we not getting in the car and driving to Pennsylvania?” This week’s refined question is, “How come Uncle Ed and cousin Kerryn are not drive-worthy again?”
Eric: They are drive worthy! It’s circumstance. We just got home driving 1600 miles to Nantucket and then to NH and then to Maine and then back home. Not dragging myself into the car again to go to Pennsylvania.
(Uhm, sort of didn’t answer the question but will let it slide.)

Q: Can you believe how well and how large my luffa harvest is doing?
Eric: Yeah whatever. We’ll see if you actually process and get the sponges.
(I sense a jealous tone.)
Q: I can’t believe how long it is taking to go through, process and organize all your basket photos. Did you realize what a huge task this would be?
That’s why I never asked you to do it. And I couldn’t do it. Too much work and you’re the pro, not me.

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: That I love Jack White. And I want to go to one of his concerts but they are so expensive. Two weeks ago I found out he is coming to our little town of McMinnville and the tickets are free. Fast forward to today, that event is tonight! Granted, he won’t be performing but he will be periodically onstage because he’s hosting other artists as a special event for his company Third Man Records. I wanted to go!

But we couldn’t just drive to the venue. Instead we would HAVE to be in Nashville and leave on one of the busses heading to our hometown to see the actual concert. I guess we could have driven all the way to Nashville, paid for parking somewhere, got on the bus, drove back to McMinnville then after the show tonight, get back on the bus, drive by our house on the way to Nashville, then get in the car and drive back home. I totaled up the time and it would be about 12 hours. If he was actually singing, I’d probably do it. But this really aggravated me last week and again this week.
(Well we could just drive over there right now and sit at the entrance waiting for a glimpse of Mr. Jack White. We’d be one of those creepy band fans but I’m willing to do it for you!)

Thanks for answering the questions Eric but I have a prediction. Next week’s “aggravation” will be me crushing your team!!!






Five Questions Friday: BB

Q: How about that eclipse?
Eric: Ahh, it was amazing. More so that it went directly over our house so we had 100% totality. Never saw anything like it. And great to share it with our friends Jud & Suzanne. But I probably should have worn those glasses.

Q: What are you talking about? Jud & Suzanne brought you glasses! You didn’t wear them?
Eric: I know just kidding. You are so easy.
(side note: Thanks to Suzanne for bringing the black and white “eclipse” cookies! I have a big sweet tooth so the “heavy sweetness” was perfect for me—ha ha.)

Q: We are now done with Summer Workshops. How did it go (from your point of view)?
Eric: Oh I think they went very well. We may need to add another week next year because both groups are coming back and we will need space for others.
(We’ll see… your workshops are a lot of work!)
Q: I heard it’s not Jaxson but Coco Kitty who is the instigator. Really?
Yup we all saw it, and multiple times during all the workshops. She was taunting him by getting closer while he was sleeping and when he popped up his head she would arch her back and make her ‘noise’ while showing her teeth.

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: You listening to your Dad and allowing him to get you sucked into Big Brother. You are banned from watching that next year. You tell your Dad I said so. 

Five Questions Friday: We Are Not Alone

I have not posted since… I’m not sure. Did I post early in June? I think I did a few. But I (and Eric) have good reasons. We have been busy! Plus, we’ve had a lot of out-of-town guests.

Q from my Dad: Do you like having your father-in-law here for two weeks?
Eric: Didn’t you ask me that last year? And I think I said “what am I supposed to say?… No?” Well, I can add that I don’t like when you text me on my phone to “come to your office” which is our lounge chair in front of the TV.

Q: How much longer until we have no visitors and are alone again?
Eric: I have no idea… it started in May. My parents, your uncle and aunt, cousin and her husband, our nephew Ben, your Dad, your sister then we go to Maryland and see everyone again and then your mom here… I don’t know, is anyone else coming?

Q: Well you have your two workshops coming up.
Eric: Oh yeah. I’d say it won’t be until the end of August.
What was your favorite thing we did in Nashville for our mini-mini-vacation?
The last night we were there at one of the honky-tonks and your cousin took video of me and “puppet-kiki”.
(for those who are like “what”? I was so tired and Eric wanted to dance and I said “no” so he grabbed my hands up in the air and was attempting to dance with me. My nickname is “kiki” to my nephews so Eric was calling me “puppet-kiki”.)

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: That one is easy. Me making dinner and we all sit at the table and your dad was watching tv on his phone with his headphones on! I put an end to that.