Five Questions Friday: Now This Photo Makes No Sense

Q from Joan (your MIL): How come there were no Five Questions Friday last week?

Eric: Because I didn’t like the questions. Not all questions sent to me are suitable for public consumption.
oh please… those questions I asked were completely fine.

Q: Do you believe in UFO’s?
Eric: It’s funny you ask! Yes, I do believe. Today, while working on a new basket in the shop I had the History channel on a UFO marathon all day.  One of the sightings was from Laconia, NH which was on of my old stopping grounds.

Q: What was your first (non basket-related) job?
Eric: I was a line cook at a restaurant at  Weirs Beach, a tourist hot spot in New Hampshire.

Q: How is your war on the carpenter bees going?
Eric: Ok. I replaced that one large board on our shed they were living in with pressure treated wood. At least they aren’t there now.

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: Actually nothing.
Well I have something I’m aggravated about. You replaced my second question about Chance and Coco Kitty with something you asked yourself and didn’t tell me. Now the photo I took has nothing to do with any of the questions. I’m also baffled that you think announcing you believe in UFO’s is suitable for public consumption on my blog. 

Five Questions Friday: Bee Revenge

Q: Did you ever watch the show Rosanne?
Eric: Yes.

Q: Did you hear they are reviving it with original cast?
Eric: Really? Even John Goodman?
Yes. But I believe for only six episodes. 
That should be good. I bet it gets great ratings.

Q: Do I still need to create your summer workshop classes’ website? I thought it was sold out but I saw one of your notes on the dryer saying “summer class website”. 
Eric: Yes, probably. I didn’t want to ask you sooner because you are absorbed with your art show. But my students do like to see all the info. even though they have been here before. 

Q: Did you leave it on the dryer hoping I would see it or is that where you write down notes?
Eric: Is that where I left it? I was wondering where my list went.

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: I’m obsessed with these giant carpenter bees. I just caught one drilling a perfect 1/4-inch hole in our new bath house stud I put up a few days ago. I’m out for revenge. I’m going to get all of them.

Five Questions Friday: Bee Rescuer

Q: So was it hard for you to leave me and my parents who stopped in on their way from Florida to New Hampshire, to go off to the Indiana Convention—Especially since a string of bad storms were heading our way?
Eric: Yes, it was very hard. I was very worried. I was online watching the Nashville newscast.

Eric: By the way, I have a question for you… why were my speakers all disconnected in the workshop?
Me: Oh yeah. I forgot to tell you about that. During the tornado warning, my mom and I were in your main workshop room. We were watching the local news to see where in McMinnville the tornado warning was focused. But my dad was in the movie room, apparently not worried that the tornado warning was in our town, watching his own program. However, your two speakers in the main room were wired into the movie room, blaring my dad’s show, so we couldn’t hear the weather. I unplugged one of your speakers thinking it would disconnect both but it didn’t. So I had to disconnect the second one. Sorry, but safety came first on that one.

Q: My mom and I are back to our FitBit challenge. I reduced her weekly requirements to 10,000 steps a day, 5 days a week. Mine are 10,000 a day, 6 days a week. She has already missed 3 days. Do I dock her or let it slide?
Eric: Awwwe, geez. Well, I guess you can dock her if you want but I wouldn’t recommend you doing that. 

Q: I am so glad I am done the taxes— and two days before they were due! Taxes completely stress me out. Does my personality change at all during this mad-dash-to-get-taxes-done?
Eric: (LOL) Ahh… I’m gonna say I don’t think so.

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: All the bees coming into my workshop. I propped the door open to bring materials in and had four this afternoon I had to rescue.
Me: Rescue? We’re rescuing bees now?
Eric: Yeah. I got a good method now. They always go to the window. I capture it in a cup, slide a piece of cardboard over it and then set it free outside.
Me: Yeah, to come right back in.
Eric: Probably. It’s likely from all the climbing roses on the porch.
Me: Well, those are not going anywhere.