Mom asks Five Questions Friday

Yah! It’s time to ask Eric five questions. But since it is Joanne’s (Eric’s mom) birthday, I gave her the honor of asking the questions. We took her and Bruce (Eric’s step-dad) to an Indian restaurant in Concord, NH and I brought my Power Puff Girls notebook and pencil to write everything down.

Mom: What is your favorite basket to make?
Eric: How can I favor one basket over the other? I do have a few baskets that I dislike weaving. Or rather, I do not look forward to weaving. But I’ll leave that for another week. So, I would say that the first basket of a new design is my favorite to weave since I cannot wait to see it finished.

Mom: What is your favorite ethnic food to eat?
Eric: Since Lynne’s favorite is Thai food, I will have to say that. But Indian food comes in a close second.

Mom: What was your favorite place to visit?
Eric: While teaching classes?
Mom: Yes.
Eric: Well, there are so many places I look forward to going. I don’t think I can narrow it.

Mom: What’s your favorite city you’ve been to?
Eric: Again, there are numerous cities I really like. But if I had to pick one, I would say Chicago, because we get to visit Lynne’s sister and spend time with the nephews and then we take the “el” into the city and have a great time. Me drinking the local beers and Lynne enjoying the martinis.
(editor’s note: of course the nephews are in bed! They’re not out bar hopping with us!)

Mom: What is the best vacation destination you like the best?
Eric: I don’t really have a regular location. We like to mix it up. But what I enjoy the most is camping with Lynne. It’s so peaceful and we get to “unplug” from everything and just enjoy our time being outside and doing whatever we want like hiking, checking out other people’s sites, stoking the fire or napping!

Thanks Joanne! Great questions!

Five Questions Friday: Sad Day in Green Bay

Yah! I get to go annoy Eric with my five questions. And now is a good time because I can hear him laughing at something downstairs.

I can hear you upstairs. What are you laughing at?

Eric: I just watched a video on You Tube.
Ooh. Is it a funny dog video?
Eric: No! It’s called “Sad Packer Fan.”

Oh, a Packers fan being sad? I like it already. What’s it about? 
Eric: It’s a short homemade video. Two sisters are in the car riding home from I think a bar, after Green Bay loses to the Giants in the playoffs.

How do you know she’s a Packers fan?
Eric: I think the big piece of cheese on her head gives it away. You gotta watch it. It shows the passion that the Green Bay fans have for their team. And not to wear sparkle nail polish?

Sparkle nail polish?
Eric: (In his slightly annoyed voice because I’m asking too many questions) She thinks they lost because her sister told her to put sparkles on her nails. Just watch it!

How do you know she was driving home from a bar?
Eric: Are you asking all these questions because it’s Friday? Go watch the video!
But I was supposed to ask you a few embarrassing questions this week (by requests).
Eric: Too bad. You’ll have to wait until next week (as he turns on the sander).

Okay. So I watched the video. It’s very short—just one minute long. And it is funny! The video is below if you want a good laugh too!

Five Questions Friday: What Are You Doing in the Workshop?

I take many (many) breaks during the day to go downstairs and let Chance out. While he’s digging up the back lawn, chasing squirrels or barking at the neighbor’s two German Shepherds, I visit with Eric (and bug him as much as I can). What annoys him the most lately? Yup. You got it. My five questions series. So I decided to see what he does all day and do some official documenting. (To see larger image of photos, click on the pic).

What are you doing?
Eric: I’m making mini splint.

Eric: Because, without these weavers there will be a lot of unfinished baskets at the Georgia Basket convention next month.

What are you doing now?
Eric: I’m sanding some brown ash materials that I’ve already prosessed down into ¼” strips.

I should know this by now, but I don’t. What is that machine you’re putting it through?
Eric: It’s a drum thickness sander. I use it to sand the Ash down to the right thickness.  I haven’t had this tool for very long and I’m still learning what it can do.

What are you doing now?
Eric: I am measuring the material’s thickness with a Micrometer. This tool measures in 1000th of an inch increments. I’m looking for a finish thickness of 12 to 14 1000th of an inch for my mini weavers.

That’s Cool! Let’s measure the dog’s ears when he’s done outside.
Eric: Uhm… NO.

What are you doing now?
Eric: I’m grabbing a piece of Ash that has been soaking.
(editor’s note: do not drink the water after materials have been soaking in it. That would be gross.) 

Okay… now what are you doing?
Eric: Aren’t we done yet? I think you’ve asked more than five questions.

No. This is the last one.
Eric: I’m going to cut the width of the weavers. You see, this tool has a bunch of razor blades separated by tiny spacers. If I carefully pull the splint through it, it will slice my weavers to the width I need.

That’s what Eric has been up to today! Now I need to let the dog in and get back to my own work. (Next week I’ll try and ask him some embarrassing questions).