Eric Answers Five Questions on Friday.

Are you wearing socks right now?
Eric: Yes.
What was your favorite Cartoon Character as a kid?
Eric: Fred Flintstone
Do you have one as an adult?
Eric: No.
Do you prefer the winter or the summer?
Eric: Summer
What sport did you enjoying playing the most in High School?
Eric: Hockey
How about now?
Eric: Well, since we’re heading down to our Annual Shuffleboard Tournament, I would have to say Shuffleboard!
Yeah… Don’t get too excited… I hear the ‘Dog Squad’ is favored to win.

Eric Answers Five Questions on Friday.

Me: Which would you rather have, 1 million dollars or me? 

Eric: You. 
Me: 10 million dollars? 
Eric: You. 
(editor’s note, I’m seriously doubting his intelligence)

Me: Do you think butterflies remember life as a caterpillar?
Eric: What kind of question is that? Uh… no.

Me: Apple Juice or Orange Juice? 
Eric: Apple Juice

Me: When was the last time you were pulled over by the cops? 
Eric: Years ago. 

Me: If you instantly turned into a woman for a day, how would you spend that day? 
Eric: Crying and watching the Hallmark Channel.

Update to "Five Questions."

We had a lovely dinner with Eric’s Mom Joanne and Step-Dad Bruce tonight in downtown Manchester. Joanne read yesterday’s blog post and added some valuable information to the ‘Favorite toy’ question.  It seems that Eric’s recollection of running into a car was a little more serious. That incident, as she recalls, frightened her half-to-death as little Eric came running to her yelling “I hit a car” so she thought the car was moving and hit him! Turns out, he needed stitches after driving his favorite big yellow Tonka truck into a parked car. (Yes, the car was in deed parked.) So it wasn’t just a little bump on the head as he recalls. It was a frantic drive to the hospital emergency room fearing he split his head open! Ah… childhood memories. Reminds me of my own incident when I was rushed to get stitches. I was at a Halloween party when some redheaded kid pushed me down onto hard concrete. Breaking my fall was my arm, but right on top of some fake costume fingernail tips (not mine). One of those deadly tips sliced right into my elbow. So my Dad and ‘Big Fat Buddy’ (we called him Big Fat Buddy because his name was Bud and he was big and fat — hey, it was before political correctness) took me to the emergency room. I still look at that scar as if it’s a badge of honor. If you did not get some kind of scar when you were a child, you were not living!