Who ‘Babies’ Their Dog Again?

For years, Mr. Basketmaker’s most irritating comments to me was “You baby your dog too much.”

Well, today, we dropped off the “basket” van at the mechanic to get new tires. So on the way back, we were squished in the front seat of our new, but used, tiny little truck. Why were we squished? Because when I was following Eric in the little truck, his dog Jackson decided to run beside me, down the driveway, onto the road and then heading towards the main road. So I opened the door, and let him in.

And on our way home, I had to snap some quick pics with my phone of Eric with his dog on his lap! I could be wrong, but isn’t he “babying” his dog right here???



I could be wrong, but isn’t that Eric’s hand on his dog, sort of half-hugging Jackson while they both look out the window?


I could be wrong, but doesn’t this look like Jackson is about to give Eric a big, sloppy lick on the side of his face?


I could be wrong, but doesn’t this look like the face of a dog who is babied by his owner???

Mr. Basketmaker, I have one word for you….  KARMA. 🙂

Mud, Pond Guck and Prickles

Today, in between storms, Jackson took off for a quick jump in the pond and then for his usual stroll in the woods. And while I wasn’t paying attention for a few seconds, Chance darted after him. Once my dog is on a mission, he doesn’t listen to anything I have to say.

I went inside and put on my rubber boots and quickly ventured into the woods to search for Chance before it started pouring again.

Oh yes. I eventually did find him. But not in the same condition when he left.



He was absolutely filthy! Covered in pond guck, mud, ‘prickles’ from the pricker-bushes, leaves and even a few twigs! Not to mention the “stink.” Did I say that the pond is loaded with frogs? Well, it is! Ewwww!

Most of the time it’s very nice to have a dog with hair rather than fur — there’s no shedding! But that means the dirt, mud and pond grime doesn’t simply slide off like it does with Jackson and his fur coat.

But who can be mad at a dog with this cute face? Maybe I should change his name to “Prickles”.


The Jackson Chronicles: Final Grade


We let Jackson have the back seat to himself. Well almost… a couple times Chance jumped up there when Jackson vacated to get some water. But he quickly returned and booted Chance back to the floor.

He seemed to be anticipating where we were heading next. Maybe hoping we were on our way back to his home? For him, that is the neighborhood, which is a 5-mile stretch of rural roads, small ponds, a couple farms and lots of woods—that’s all he’s known in his short life.

About 9:30 pm we returned home from the workshop in Richmond, Indiana and as soon as Jackson hopped out of the stinky van he was first at the door! So I guess he was anxious to get back to his adopted home!


And in case there was any doubt if he was happy to be home…


Our final grade for Jackson’s first Basketry Road Trip? An easy A-.

Great job Jackson! We are glad we invited you and hope to share many more road trips together!!

** Remember to spay or neuter your pets! If you would like to give a homeless pet a forever home, simply go down to your local shelter! You will not be disappointed… I promise!