Mr. Basket Maker Speaks: Enough Already

living-room-mcminnvilleShush! Lynne doesn’t know that I figured out how to make a post on her blog. You can say that I’ve hijacked The Since I’m her husband I’m hoping that I won’t get into too much trouble by doing this. You just have to understand that there is only so much I can take. After all that has been happening with our new home purchase and now the sale of our current home, Lynne hasn’t been too attentive to her blog. It’s been crazy and Lynne hasn’t wanted to jinx the sale of our current home in Manchester, New Hampshire. She told me that she’s afraid to write any updates in fear that the house sale will fall through if she does!

Well, it’s a done deal this Thursday so she doesn’t have that as an excuse real soon. I know she has wanted to edit and proof everything, make sure the photos are cropped and all looking good, but there isn’t any time for that. She has been so busy packing AND doing all her design work for her clients. I don’t think she’s even slept a whole lot. And we have to get everything in a truck headed for Tennessee in just a couple days.

Now back to my main point. While in Tennessee a few weeks ago, we signed papers on a property. I wrote a quick post one evening for Lynne’s blog, but she didn’t post it. She said it was good, but it needed editing and she had to go through the photos and fix them.

Anyway, days went by and now we are back in New Hampshire. Day after day without a post from the basketmaker’s wife. Enough is enough! I have made an executive decision to post it unedited and hope for the best. I know I’m in big trouble, but I’m taking one for the team. Just ignore the punctuation and spelling and maybe the bad photos. Pray for me. -ET

This original, unedited post was written on the second night after signing the papers on this property:
I feel like Jeff Foxworthy is writing his next standup routine about us.
“You know you might be a redneck when your living room furniture consists of a car seat, an outdoor lounge chair and a cinder block used to hold your laptop.”

Literally, this has become our life. I’m typing this post from the removed back seat chair from our 2008 Honda Odyssey from a laptop sitting on a cinder block. You can’t make this up if you tried. It now is my choice seat in what was once a church in McMinnville, Tennessee. We call this Project McMinnville.

We just got internet hooked up yesterday. Trust me getting internet has been like Christmas. Going to McDonalds every morning was getting old after the first few days.
A lot has happened in a short period of time since this adventure.

We have been sleeping on a blow up mattress that was once a church altar. Disclaimer, Lynne really didn’t want to show actual photos of our primitive situation but I thought it was too interesting to not show you.

Chance our dog ran full speed through our barb wired fence for the first time in his life. He yelped and then laid on the ground. After careful inspection we couldn’t find any injury or blood. Somehow he went right between two strands of the wire without cutting himself and if you know chance he was going about forty miles an hour at impact.

Got to go Y’all. Nascar is about to start! (Trying to adapt to the Tennessee way of life!)

Please note Lynne is working on a new Rum label. She’s just not surfing.

Mr. Basketmaker Speaks: Test Pattern

test-patternIt has been 10 days since Lynne has last left a post and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by me. What’s the deal? Actually, she has said she feels bad about neglecting the blog. And I can attest that she has been flat out busy. She hasn’t even been watching any of her favorite tv shows for the past two weeks. Also, I don’t want to spill the beans or anything but let’s just say that we have been working on a big project and I’m hoping she will have something to reveal later… so Please Stand By!

Mr. Basket Maker Speaks: I ask the Questions!

talbot-folk-art-wood-carving copy

Instead of waiting for Lynne to ask some lame Five Friday Questions, I came up with some of my own for her… here it goes.

Q: Did you watch Oprah?  What do you think about Lance Armstrong?
Lynne: You start out by saying “before I ask you my lame questions”… Uhm… you don’t think your first question stinks?
You cannot answer my question with another question. Now answer my question.

Lynne: No. I did not watch Oprah. But I know you did. And I cannot stand Lance Armstrong. I have better words for him, but I cannot post them here. What did Sheryl Crow ever see in that egomaniac jerk? She’s lucky she got rid of him when she did.

Q: If you got rid of me, would you have a problem if I requested custody of Chance?
Wait a minute… I find out you’re watching Oprah, you’re asking me how I feel about Lance Armstrong and now you’re bringing up “leaving” and custody?
I told you in the first question that you cannot answer my question with another question!

Lynne: Not only would you never get custody of Chance (you would drop him off at my front door after having to pick up his poop anyway), and for asking this lame question, I would be requesting doggie support from you. By the way, Chance likes me better!

Q: Why do you have two laptops, one desktop built in to your monitor, plus two other monitors all on your desk running all at the same time?
Lynne: First of all PC person, a “desktop built in to your monitor” is simply called a MAC. You know that the other laptop and adjoining monitor is from one of my clients and only use it when working on his stuff. Then there’s my MacBook and the other monitor is my dual screen to my mac. And the reason why they are on is because I’m running a business here. You know, work. The money that comes in to pay our bills? Did you understand all that you non-Mac basketmaker person? (Eric: She just cannot stop asking questions!)

Q: If it snowed for a total of over 70” in two storms in one week, would you feel sorry for me or would you be having a great old time watching me push around all that snow?
Lynne: Of course I would feel bad for you. Especially since Chance and I would be inside, under a blanket, trying to stay warm while watching you out there in the freezing cold.

Q: Why do you have a folk art painting of yourself holding a golf club entitled “BOSTON BELLE”?
Lynne: How come I don’t get the question “what annoyed me this week?” I have an answer all ready to go. Guess I will save my answer for a full post in the future.

Back to your ONLY good question… My friend Kathy creates these unique folk art called “Santos” which are so cool (click here for her website). I have two “Santos” and will have to do a future post about them. The Boston Belle she gave me as a gift. It’s different from her “Santos” but utilizing the same techniques.

When we were both living in Dallas we joined a women’s golf league and had a lot of fun. It says “Boston” because before I was recruited by an agency in Dallas, I was working as a designer in Boston. She coined me “Boston Belle.” I love her work and treasure this piece!

I wish I had good questions like these every week.
Lynne: You’re so annnnnnnoying.

“Boston Belle” artwork by Kathy Honken Tran. Visit her website: