Happy Mother’s Day

My cousin Kerryn went to Paris a couple weeks ago and sent me this necklace as a surprise. I opened it yesterday and love it, especially since I never would have picked this out for myself.

She’s a mini-warrioress wearing a basket-weave vest that looks like a shield with a silver feather across it, a leather and feather skirt, hip boots—she’s even carrying her black cat.

Aren’t mothers like a warrioress? I know mine was when any of her kids were sick—she went into warrior-mode until we were better.

Actually, there is no such word as a ‘warrioress.’ Apparently, the word warrior is non-gender and applies to both male and female. However, if you wanted a female-specific word, it would be shieldmaiden which is a woman who had chosen to fight as a warrior.

Happy Mother’s Day!

BTW the necklace came from Anoki Paris

Jewelry Only a Mother (or Grammy) Would Wear

My nephew’s art class at school regularly posts to a site called Artsonia where invited ‘fans’ can view a student’s artwork and even purchase customized items. In my inbox, I see an email from Artsonia with the title: BEN’S ART – SPECIAL MOTHER’S DAY KEEPSAKE.

Great. Ben’s got new artwork posted. And it’s being billed as a keepsake. It must be special.

I clicked on the email and up pops a large picture of this:

I got a good laugh. Not sure if this is how he sees himself or what. But it’s jewelry only a Mother, or a Grammy, would wear with that hairdo, big nose and sour grin. Well, maybe we can add ‘crazy aunt’ to the list but I think I’ll pass on this one. But good job Ben, whoever this person you depicted is.

Basket of Sweet Gum Tree Seed Pods

Not much today… went out back in the woods to pick up a basket full of sweet gum tree seed pods before the storms rolled in.

Will be photographing them to use as some elements in the digital composites I’m creating for my art show. And when I’m done with them, they will be used as mulch.