My Website is Finally Up

I have not updated my website in years. Finally I have something up. I’ve got a lot of my paintings uploaded from the current show and am doing pre-sales before my artist reception. If anyone is interested in purchasing a painting, select “contact” in the left navigation bar and let me know which one. I can’t do direct sales since I need to verify availability through the gallery first. Then I can take payments on their behalf via an invoice if a painting has not sold. I also have an updated BIO and Artist Statement as well. So I’ve been busy (not just painting).

Visit my new website here. (*It may load slow so bear with it. I wanted the images to be higher-res so you can see as much detail as possible.)

Next I have to work on Eric’s summer workshop website. I’m so late on that… will keep you posted.

Happy Mother’s Day

My cousin Kerryn went to Paris a couple weeks ago and sent me this necklace as a surprise. I opened it yesterday and love it, especially since I never would have picked this out for myself.

She’s a mini-warrioress wearing a basket-weave vest that looks like a shield with a silver feather across it, a leather and feather skirt, hip boots—she’s even carrying her black cat.

Aren’t mothers like a warrioress? I know mine was when any of her kids were sick—she went into warrior-mode until we were better.

Actually, there is no such word as a ‘warrioress.’ Apparently, the word warrior is non-gender and applies to both male and female. However, if you wanted a female-specific word, it would be shieldmaiden which is a woman who had chosen to fight as a warrior.

Happy Mother’s Day!

BTW the necklace came from Anoki Paris

Jewelry Only a Mother (or Grammy) Would Wear

My nephew’s art class at school regularly posts to a site called Artsonia where invited ‘fans’ can view a student’s artwork and even purchase customized items. In my inbox, I see an email from Artsonia with the title: BEN’S ART – SPECIAL MOTHER’S DAY KEEPSAKE.

Great. Ben’s got new artwork posted. And it’s being billed as a keepsake. It must be special.

I clicked on the email and up pops a large picture of this:

I got a good laugh. Not sure if this is how he sees himself or what. But it’s jewelry only a Mother, or a Grammy, would wear with that hairdo, big nose and sour grin. Well, maybe we can add ‘crazy aunt’ to the list but I think I’ll pass on this one. But good job Ben, whoever this person you depicted is.