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Pinterest While Drinking: K’s Snowmen

It was a gorgeous 74 degrees here today in middle Tennessee. However, back home in New Hampshire, they were having a snowstorm. So in honor of the spring freeze going on in some parts of the country, I have another “Pinterest Attempt” from my cousin Kerryn.

So here’s her inspiration:


Above photo is a screenshot of the Better Homes and Garden website (2015 showing various holiday cookies. Kerryn then pinned it to her Pinterest board so she could make these lovely treats.

The cookies are called “Chocolaty Melting Snowmen.” They look awesome.

Now before I show you how how hers turned out I want to state that it is almost impossible to duplicate these recipes found in magazines and on pinterest. Trust me, a stylist worked on these and I bet they are not even edible.

Why I say this? Because many moons ago when I was an Art Director in Advertising, I had to go on a photoshoot in Los Angeles to oversee a shot for a pizza ad I was working on. The pizza we used to photograph was half-real and the rest was fake and painted. Yes, painted.

So with that being said, here are Kerryn’s “EDIBLE” version of Chocolaty Melting Snowmen…


I think she’s pretty spot on… what do you think?

Now before some people send me emails, this is all in good fun. We always tease each other and Kerryn knows I love her and that she’s very creative and talented. 


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Is this a Good Storm Shelter?

I know tonight is supposed to be Five Questions Friday. I had them ready and sent to Eric but he was uncomfortable answering them. Because he gave me good reasons AND the fact that I sent them to him so late didn’t give me much time to compose another set, my only option was to let him off the hook.

Instead, I decided to share this little video I found when I was talking to my cousin earlier this evening about us getting a storm shelter down here in Tennessee. We were both laughing about it.

But first an important disclaimer to both of our parents who I know read this blog: Most people in our area do not have a shelter or even a basement for that matter. So it’s probably due to the fact that we are New Englanders and tornadoes terrify us. We have been here for almost 3 years and I have only met one person so far that has a basement. And it’s actually not her basement, it’s her brother’s who lives next door. Nobody else that I have met, has a basement or even a storm shelter. And come to think of it, New England has many snowstorms and wicked blizzards. And those terrify Southerners. But us Northerners take it in stride. So it doesn’t matter where you live in this country, weather is unpredictable anywhere you live.

This video was shared on YouTube by a woman who lives in Florida. It’s her own invention of a storm shelter. I just love her 89-year-old mother and the dog Malty and those cool helmets! (you’ll see). But I’m not sure how they will be able to keep those lids fastened. And when they open the lids, that dog looks like they don’t have a prayer. FYI, you don’t need to watch the whole video. It’s 5 minutes long but the first 3 minutes is funny. The rest of it is how she built these, in case you are interested.


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And The Handles Are On

When I said last week that Mr. Basketmaker has been especially busy and productive, I meant it. For the past three weeks he has woven a whole slew of his cottage mini baskets. Yesterday they were all waiting for their handles…


And today when I walked into the workshop for my afternoon visit, they were all hanging to dry…


They are so cute! (I don’t think he likes it when I call them that… but they are!)


I know I’ve mentioned before that he has had a running waiting list for his mini’s that go back ten years (sad to say) so if you are one of the ones on that list you should probably email me to claim your basket asap because these puppies are on their way to North Carolina on Thursday. Miss Tracey stopped in on Monday on her way back from Kentucky to Georgia and put her name on one of them before he even applied the rims.



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