My New Graphic Design Rates

Someone sent this to me (probably my cousin when I was “venting” to her about a client). It’s actually a t-shirt sold on Cafe Press. I’m thinking I should add this to my price list! (If I only had the nerve to…)


I sent this graphic to one of my clients who I do work for, on behalf of his clients (he’s what you would call “the middle man.”) He immediately replied which client he wanted to forward this to and I knew who he was referring to.

Awhile back, I was working on a brochure for him where he sent me back a PDF with numerous edits written on it from someone named “Rose.” I asked, “Who is this Rose” and he responded back with five words: “Don’t freak out… the secretary.”

I went to 5 years of art school to get design edits from the secretary who was hired a few months ago! Honestly, us graphic artists (and the middle man) really put up with a lot!

Pinterest While Drinking: Veggie Owl by “K”

I decided my hiatus was going to be up Thanksgiving. And I had a nice long post for today. However, I could not resist sharing my cousin “K”s latest creation she just shared with me.

First, many of you probably remember her Turkey Veggie Plate last Thanksgiving. If not, I have two photos to remind you and also, you can find the original link here.

So this year, she decided to do a veggie plate in the likeness of an owl. Very ambitious of her I thought. Below is her fabulous edible (I think) conception:


For comparison, below is her image for inspiration from Pinterest (uploaded via “Homestead & Survival” Facebook page)


I think she’s getting much better! But I reminded her that she’s got to put down her special Vodka drink when creating these things. Why do I assume this? How else can you explain that big red nose? (not to mention the bushy eyebrows and where did she see celery in her inspiration photo???).

I REPEAT the same Disclaimer I wrote last year: My cousin Kerryn is extremely talented and this post is all in good fun. I love her and she knows that… Happy Thanksgiving K! You’re the best! 

Pinterest While Drinking: K’s Snowmen

It was a gorgeous 74 degrees here today in middle Tennessee. However, back home in New Hampshire, they were having a snowstorm. So in honor of the spring freeze going on in some parts of the country, I have another “Pinterest Attempt” from my cousin Kerryn.

So here’s her inspiration:


Above photo is a screenshot of the Better Homes and Garden website (2015 showing various holiday cookies. Kerryn then pinned it to her Pinterest board so she could make these lovely treats.

The cookies are called “Chocolaty Melting Snowmen.” They look awesome.

Now before I show you how how hers turned out I want to state that it is almost impossible to duplicate these recipes found in magazines and on pinterest. Trust me, a stylist worked on these and I bet they are not even edible.

Why I say this? Because many moons ago when I was an Art Director in Advertising, I had to go on a photoshoot in Los Angeles to oversee a shot for a pizza ad I was working on. The pizza we used to photograph was half-real and the rest was fake and painted. Yes, painted.

So with that being said, here are Kerryn’s “EDIBLE” version of Chocolaty Melting Snowmen…


I think she’s pretty spot on… what do you think?

Now before some people send me emails, this is all in good fun. We always tease each other and Kerryn knows I love her and that she’s very creative and talented.